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Hot Warranty, Repair and Cleaning

Firefighters! You are some of the most rugged users of our packs, and we make packs for the gnarliest users in the most extreme environments. That said, we have specific procedures for warranty and repair on our fireline packs. The first step is to call us here at Mystery Ranch Warranty & Repair (406.585.1428) and describe the specific problems with your pack (or packs).

When you call with your warranty or repair issues you will be given a Return Authorization (RA) number for the packs in question. Write this RA Number LARGE on the outside of the box in which you ship your packs. You are responsible for the cost of shipping to us; we cover return shipping costs to get the repaired packs back to you.

Before you ship the pack, it must be cleaned. Dirty packs gum up sewing machines and can ultimately break them. Please follow this simple cleaning procedure: 

  1. Open every zipper and drawstring pocket as wide as possible. Empty the pack of all fireline debris by turning upside-down and shaking vigorously.
  2. Using the framesheet adjuster, break the Velcro bond and remove the yoke from the body of the bag, shaking debris out of there as well.
  3. Spray the pack thoroughly, from all angles, inside and out, with a pressure washer. If you don’t have a pressure washer handy, the car wash is a good place to clean your pack. It’s best not to use soap or detergent.
  4. Once the pack has been washed, hang it to dry in the shade. Unnecessary UV exposure is almost as hard on pack nylon as firefighters are.
  5. Next, use flagging to mark every problem, on each pack, that you wish us to address. Write notes on the flagging if necessary. Then box it up (don’t forget the RA# on the package!) and ship it to us here in Bozeman.

Our address is:
Mystery Ranch
1750 Evergreen Drive
Bozeman, MT 59715

There is a $25 dollar per pack cleaning fee for any pack that shows up dirty, and the turnaround time will be much longer, possibly inhibiting our ability to get your packs back to you before fire season (taking packs to the carwash in winter in Montana isn’t fun or efficient). This fee is a deterrent, not a means of profit. Please clean the packs rigorously prior to return.

Our Warranty covers defects in manufacturing and materials. When it comes to fire packs, not everything can be repaired, and not all damage is covered under warranty. Burn holes and yoke damage from the dogs and chains of your chainsaw, especially due to negligence (a melted pack from putting it down in hot ash and coals, for instance), are not covered by warranty. We will repair user damage where possible, but a nominal fee will be assessed. We will make sure to clear any potential charges with you prior to repair. Certain parts of the pack are impossible to repair without complete deconstruction: in these cases, replacement purchase is necessary. In cases where non-warranty damage is isolated to the interchangeable parts of your Fire pack—the yoke, lumbar, waistbelts, and certain buckles—these parts can be purchased for replacement, and don’t always require the pack to be returned to us. In cases where replacement purchase is necessary, our Warranty & Repair Department will contact you with your options.

Please call with any questions. You test the far limits of our packs: we’re happy to have you in our gear, and proud it serves you well.

Mystery Ranch Warranty & Repair