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IA Frame

The IA Frame is a modular system. It has the same load carrying capacity as the Hotshot Frame, but with a streamlined profile. Two horizontal carbon fiber stays assist stability, without hindering athletic motion. But their true purpose is the heart of this modular system: spade receivers that allow the user to quickly and securely attach any of our IA bags and get to work.

View of IA Frame structural components
The IA frame is a sheet of .06 HDPE sheathed in bombproof 1000 denier cordura. Paired with our Hotshot Yoke, and M4 belt, it enables both the athleticism and provides the carrying capacity needed on the Fireline.

The Hotshot Yoke is our Fire-specific harnessing system that utilizes our patented Futura technology. Futura is a Velcro-anchored, telescoping yoke system, fully adjustable to the wearer's torso length. The Hotshot Yoke is 5" wide--two inches narrower than our standard Futura Yoke--and designed to maximize ventilation in the hot, dry, fire environment. Once the yoke is properly adjusted, the curve of the composite framesheet matches the contour of your back. The yoke is available in three different stock sizes, offers a precise, micro-adjustable custom fit, and is extraordinarily easy to readjust in the field.

Our M4 Lumbar Wrap is a light and agile five-segment waistbelt system that effectively transfers medium sized loads through the wearer's hips and core. Internally, it contains two rigid plastic wings that are canted to the shape of your hips. These wings connect to the pack's mainframe through a sandwich of Velcro and plastic. This system works on multiple levels: when the pack belt is pulled tight, the wings cinch to your hips, which draws the pack-bag into the lumbar region and wraps around your back, engaging the frame for excellent weight distribution. This system reduces the kelp bed of tension straps and user error associated with the typical backpack tensioning systems in the industry. The M4 waist belts are built with 3/4” Matrix open cell foam. This provides breathability and the ideal amount of cushion for low-slung fire packs. These pads are enclosed in a spandura fabric wrap that gives a specific flex pattern, allowing both lateral stretch and vertical support. As with all Mystery Ranch belt systems, the pads are sized for the individual, and can be changed at any time.

USED BY: Firelight | Hot Spot