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NICE Frame

The NICE Frame is the first system we have come up with that provides a radically better carry than a well-fit and well-packed Mystery Ranch internal Frame. A thoughtful redesign of the interface between the user and the load led to the idea of building in pre-programmed flex to an ultra stable platform in a manner that has reached an entirely other level of performance with extremely heavy loads. The result is a comfortable and flexible frame system capable of controlling any load you can lift to your back.

View of NICE Frame structural components
The comparatively lighter composite mainframes in Mystery Ranch internal frame packs are engineered to let the load move with you...mostly. All internal frame packs are limited by what constitutes the load and how that load rides in the pack. They rely on the tension created by pulling the load tight to your back to force the load to become part of you. The limits of this system are suddenly reached when you can’t pull the pack tight enough to control the load you are attempting to carry. Often times irregular loads, dense, heavy loads and loads that vary greatly in size during your trip will challenge the limits of an internal frame. We have isolated the framing mechanisms in our internal frames to function better, but even Mystery Ranch internal frames are subject to unruly loads - that’s why there is a NICE Frame.

The NICE Frame utilizes the same segmented flex of the Lumbar Wrap and customized sizing of the Futura Yoke as in most Mystery Ranch packs, but pairs them with a unique mainframe engineered for unruly loads.

Copying basic human physical components, we have given the NICE Frame a skeleton, joints and skin. The carbon-fiberglass bars that make up the skeleton create a linear 3x3 grid. These six bars essentially double the amount of mainframe typically used in internal frame packs. The key to smooth motion is good joints and the “bones” of this skeleton are linked by sewn nylon web joints that are programmed to perfectly flex with your stride without wasting energy. All excess motion is limited by the Cordura tension panel that makes up the NICE Frame’s “skin.” This allows a life-like flex to the NICE Frame as you walk. You, of course still provide the muscle...some things never change!

The NICE Frame can be used alone as a freighter or with any of our numerous packbags, providing the versatility to handle any load situation.

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