Inge Perkins

MYSTERY RANCH Mountain Ambassador


Bozeman, MT


Where my truck takes me


Math education student at Montana State University, math tutor, and climbing coach

"I grew up bushwhacking around the Montana and Norwegian mountains with my parents, constantly whimpering from fear and discomfort, but always wanting to go out again."

When I was nine, I watched a film about a girl saving wolves by climbing a cliff over the Norwegian border with the wolves, and I was intrigued instantly. I started training and competing with the Bozeman Climbing Team, giving me the skill base and strength to grow as a climber. However, after a trip to Wild Iris in Wyoming, the process of projecting beautiful routes in stunning areas while living outside amongst supportive company became far more appealing than traveling for competitions. I have continued to train while in school so I can realize new goals when I have the opportunity to travel. However, the biggest motivation for me to be in the best shape I can be has consistently been my desire to be able to climb lines that inspire me wherever I go. As my love for climbing and skiing grows, my dream is to intertwine the two more and more as well as use my drive to push myself in these pursuits as a means to explore magical corners of the world while sharing the excitement with others.


  • Ski traversed the Taylor Hilgard Unit in the Madison Range (20+ miles, 13k’ vertical) and did the second ascent of Vesper (14a) in the Fins one week apart
  • Skied the Grand Teton with powder conditions
  • Won the Montana Bouldering Championships and Montana Randonee Championships
  • Skied and climbed in 7 states and 5 countries during the ‘15/’16 school year
  • Won the first outdoor deep water solo competition at Summersville Lake, West Virginia
  • A few routes I am most proud of:
    • Rodeo Free Europe (14a), Wild Iris
    • Manhattan Project (14a), The Fins
    • Vesper (14a), The Fins
    • The Strawberry Roan (13c/d), Little Popoagie
    • No Country for Old Men (5.11, trad, 14+ pitches), The Black Canyon
    • Roadside Prophet (14a), Rifle
    • Hook, Line, and Sinker (5.12, 1800’), Mt. Hooker, Wind Rivers


  • Bozeman Climbing Team
  • Touch the Sky Inc.

What Mystery Ranch Packs do you Run?

  • Pitch 40, Kletterwerks Tote, Kletterwerks Flip

Other Sponsors:

  • Scarpa, Power Company Climbing, Petzl

Favorite Quote:

"Everything is a circle from far enough away."