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cat-hottop-new.jpg For the never ending fire shift that rolls hot into the next burning period. Worn by the brush-hogging, ground-pounding, load-hauler of the Fireline: the Hotshot.
Engine and IA
cat-hotspot-new.jpg Incredibly versatile, modular packs, built light and fast for the rapidly evolving Initial Attack Fire Environment.
cat-hotrats-new.jpg Built for rapid access to medical supplies: in an emergency, organized and reliable deployment is the only option.
cat-onemanduffel-new.jpg For hauling, storing, and transporting all your gear. Built with unmatched durability, dependable whether you're on the tarmac or in the woods.
Load Hauling
cat-niceloadslingfire-new.jpg The NICE Frame: built to haul the heavy, odd-shaped equipment that can't always be airlifted to the fireline, the supplies that need to move with you.
cat-accessoriesbottlepocket-new.jpg Customize your Mystery Ranch pack with belt access to your radio, water, and special equipment.
Ranch Gear
cat-tshirt-new.jpg Show off your ranch love with t-shirts, hats, and stickers.
Compare Fire & Rescue Packs
cat-firecompare-new.jpg Take a look at the wide variety of fire packs side-by-side and decide which one is right for you.
Warranty Info
cat-firewarranty-new.jpg Firefighters are among the most brutal users of our packs. We've got special SOPs, just for you.
What's New
cat-whats-new.png Our latest and greatest, fresh off the production floor here at The Ranch.