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Dragon Slayer
dragon-slayer-fol-thumb.jpg Day Hunts, Scouting 2300 cu-in (37.7l) 4 lbs 10.3 oz (2.11kg) 20"x12"x8.5" (51cm x 31cm x 22cm) $299.00
NICE Frame
nice-frame-fol-thumb.jpg Load-Hauling n/a 4 lbs 4 oz (1.9kg) 21"x12"xN/A (53cm x 30cm) $250.00–$288.00
NICE Load Sling
nice-load-sling-fol-thumb.jpg Load-Hauling N/A 15 oz (43g) N/A $65.00–$362.00
NICE Longbow
nice-longbow-fol-thumb.jpg Day Hunts, Lightweight Backpack Hunting, Scouting 2400 cu-in (39l) 6 lbs 9.3 oz (2.99kg) (w/ NICE Frame) 21"x11"6" (53cm x 28cm x 15cm) $189.00–$439.00
NICE Crewcab
nice-crewcab-coy-thumb.jpg Backpack Hunts, Day Hunts, Load-Hauling 1900 cu-in (31l)- 5000 cu-in (82l) 7 lbs 14.1 oz (3.57kg) (w/ NICE Frame) 21.5-81"x12"x6" (55-206cm x 53cm x 15cm) $240.00–$564.00
NICE 6500
nice-6500-fol-thumb.jpg Backpack Hunts, Load-Hauling 6500 cu-in (107l) 9 lbs 15.6 oz (4.52kg) 29"x14.5"x10" (74cm x 37cm 25cm) $375.00–$719.00
NICE 7500
nice-7500-coy-thumb.jpg Backpack Hunts, Load-Hauling 7500 cu-in (123l) 9 lbs 11 oz (4.4kg) (w/ NICE Frame) 29"x15"x11" (74cm x 38cm x 28cm) $400.00–$650.00
NICE Daypack Lid
nice-daypack-lid-fol-thumb.jpg Crewcab Accessory 900 cu-in (14.7l) 1 lb 3.2 oz (.54g) 4"x7"x12.5" (10cm x 18cm x 32cm) $90.00–$104.00
NICE Metcalf
metcalf-hero-thumb.jpg Backpack Hunts, Day Hunts, Expeditions 4200 Cu-In 2lbs 13 oz(Bag&Lid)
7lbs 1oz(On Frame)