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Fitting Your Mystery Ranch Pack

Having a comfortable pack allows you to travel faster, farther and longer, and Mystery Ranch's adjustable waistbelt and yoke systems allow you to achieve your perfect fit.

Learn more about your ideal waistbelt and yoke size at Sizing Your Pack.

To achieve the ideal Futura Yoke position, it is best to have a friend assist you. First, fill the pack up with sleeping bags and/or pillows to achieve the full shape of the pack. Try to keep the weight below 20 pounds.

Step 1
Step 1:Find the piece of web on the back of the yoke. Pull up to reveal the yoke framesheet.
Step 2
Step 2:Remove the yoke framesheet and push it down the back of the yoke, between the yoke and the packbag. You should hear the crunch of Velcro separating. With the yoke framesheet in place, the yoke should now move up and down freely.
Step 3
Step 3:With the Velcro still separated, push the yoke down as far as it will go into the sleeve.
Step 4
Step 4:Loosen all of the straps on the pack, then have your friend lift the pack and hold it against your back. Orient the lumbar pad into the small of your back with the waistbelt over your hips, buckle the waistbelt and pull the belt tight to secure the pack where you prefer to carry the load.
Step 5
Step 5:Now have your friend slide the yoke up until the outside notch (where the shoulder pad meets the yoke) is at the same height as the top of your shoulder blade. Once the yoke is in place, have your friend remove the framesheet, making sure the yoke does not move from where it is set, and replace it in the top of the yoke.
Step 6
Step 6:Now that the yoke length adjustment has been made, tighten the shoulder straps so the yoke is snug against your back and chest.
Step 7
Step 7:Reach up to the top of your shoulders where the Load Lifter Straps attach to the top of the pack and pull them snug. This will bring the pack mainframe against the yoke and your back, stabilizing the load.
Step 8
Step 8:If needed, adjust the chest strap so it is on the crest of your shoulder.