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A streamlined, bowhunting pack for overnight hunts.

We all know those hunters who obsess on minimalism – a drilled out toothbrush with no handle, a 2 lb sleeping bag, a catfood can stove. And then we face a series of brutal uphills and get a little jealous. Join the light side with the Pintler. It's a pared-down, narrow, weekend pack that carries several days worth of essentials, while maintaining the secret weapon of the Overload Shelf™ for the packout. It's built onto our new, Guide Light Frame™, so get comfortable with your ultralight self.

  • Built with 500D CORDURA® for long-haul durability
  • 3-ZIP access for rapid and complete internal access to gear
  • Single lid detail pocket for super quick access to essentials
  • Two internal tubular pockets carry additional layers and protect the internal contents of the pack
  • Two internal zippered detail pockets for more small item organization
  • Dual-side stretch-woven pockets for tripod feet or bottles
  • Hydro sleeve with toggle hang loop for any bladder type
  • Overload Shelf™ to securely carry meat or dense additional gear between the Pintler bag and Guide Light Frame™
  • Volume: 2500 cu-in (41 L)
  • Weight: 5.35 lb (2.42kg)
  • Frame System: Guide Light Frame
  • Country Of Manufacture: Philippines / Vietnam
  • Intended Use: Backpack Hunts, Bow Hunting

Frequently Asked Questions

We're moving to a kitted system so that we can design and build packs and frames that are optimized for integration based on the function of the product. There are some cool new things in the works. In the meantime, we may be able to accommodate pack only orders based on available inventory - contact MR Customer Service or call 406-585-1428

As much as we would like to be able to offer our military/LE/ firefighter customers a discount on our packs, we have government contracts in these markets that prevent us from doing so.

The only repair that we can offer on Dana Design products is a replacement back foam pad on packs with the ArcFlex body panel design. We can ship the foam to you and you can easily install it yourself without having to send the pack in to be repaired. Replacement back foam pads are $15.00 plus shipping. For any other Dana Design pack repairs, please contact Marmot or try the following reputable gear repair companies:

Marmot Warranty:

(888) 311-2900

Mon - Fri : 7:30am - 5pm (PST)


Boulder Mountain Repair:

2200 Central Ave. Suite F

Boulder, CO80301

(303) 499-3634


Rainy Pass Repair:

4415 Stone Way N.

Seattle, WA98103

(206) 523-8135


We are not set up to perform custom work on individual orders and no, we cannot build a pack for you in a custom color. If your concern is in regards to sizing please give us a call at 406-585-1428.

Also, please know that modifying your Mystery Ranch pack may void the lifetime warranty, so please think first before you start ripping straps off and cutting holes in your pack to make it more aerodynamic for winged flight.

First, start by washing your pack with hot water in the shower. Use a mild detergent like Dawn to get minor dirt and grime out of your pack. Dry the pack out of direct sunlight. DO NOT USE HARSH CHEMICALS TO CLEAN YOUR PACK. If you need to get odors/blood out of your hunting pack, please use Atsko Sport-Wash Laundry Detergent

We always recommend that you size down for the waist belt. If you fall in-between sizes on the yoke, we recommend that you size up.

Mystery Ranch accepts returns for a refund within 60 days of the original purchase date. Items must be returned in brand new, unused condition, and shipping charges are non-refundable. Please give us a call at 406-585-1428, and we can get you set up with a Return Authorization (RA#).

If you are in need of a different size yoke or waist belt, please give us a call at 406-585-1428.

Why did you add production facilities in the Philippines and Vietnam?

MYSTERY RANCH added these facilities because of the increased demand for our product. We needed the additional facilities to build for customers who don't require (Berry Compliant) US production and / or don't want to pay a premium price for products built in the U.S.A. With these additional offshore facilities, we are able to focus our domestic facilities on the Berry Compliant orders.

How do I know if the pack I want is made in the US, PH, or VN?

It will be noted on the product page on our website and you are always welcome to call us and ask if you don't see the "US" or "world" icons that denote production location.

Is the quality of the packs the same?

Yes, absolutely! We carefully select the highest quality materials and ensure that all production facilities adopt our quality standards and techniques to deliver products consistent with the MYSTERY RANCH legacy. Our distributors who have received product from the US, PH, or VN are unable to tell the difference without looking at the label.

How do you ensure consistent quality?

Our factory resources use the protocol defined by our team in our production packages in order to deliver consistent quality gear. Upon introduction of new products, our product engineers visit our factory resources to work with them to develop new styles. As the product goes to production, our QA and QC teams will then visit our US, PH, and VN factories to ensure the finished goods meet our MYSTERY RANCH standards.

For more information please contact MR Customer Service or call 406-585-1428

The Pintler is my 3rd MR pack and first with the Guide Light Frame. As this was a fresh off the assembly line product, there was little information available. Outside of specs, reputation and a sporadic beta test review, there was really nothing tangible to use as research so I essentially purchased on faith.

After months of early season scouting, three hunts and packing a bull elk, a mule deer and 2 coues deer, I feel my Pintler and I have logged enough loaded miles to form a reasonable opinion about this new line.

1) the GL frame is the real deal. the pack is incredibly light weight and flexible yet rigid and balanced when loaded. as comfortable of a pack as I've ever worn.
2) Even though the load shelf isn't a new invention, the manner in which it is accessed is. Its much quicker and more convenient on this pack. I do recommend opening up at home a few times prior to taking it in the field just to get the hang of the steps. it's a little different than what you may expect.
3) The size of the Pintler is about perfect for 90% of my hunts. Its an oversized day pack, not a week on the mountain pack. That said, it can be loaded with everything you need for a day or two and if you're hunt is successful, pack your harvest out without the need to shift, shuffle, rearrange or leave any of your gear behind.

1) By far, the biggest complaint I have of this pack is the new waist belt. I actually did read a beta review that had the same complaint but I assumed it would have been corrected but alas, no. So here goes- Its extremely comfortable BUT, there is no molle panel on the padded belt. This forces you to attach any hip accessory to the 2" belt webbing. It may sound petty but the moment you unbuckle, any weight on that belt falls which pulls the buckles back to the hip pads. Trying to find the buckles with 90lbs on your back is not as fun as it sounds. The 2" webbing is also extremely flexible and twists easily. This twist binds and its a 50/50 shot as to whether you can get a tight cinch or not. With the accessories MR sells specifically for the waist belt, overlooking something so minor was a rookie move.
2) the external stretch woven tripod/water bottle pockets are a nice touch. Im not sure how long the material will last but a nice touch none the less. however, there is a buckle positioned at the opening which isn't the most convenient. depending on the size and shape of what you expect to carry in said pocket, the buckle can be restrictive and doesn't add much value other than a connector from the bag to the frame. Almost seems as though the pockets were an after thought and added after the pack was designed.
3) It may just be mine. it may be the new zippers. It may be their new manufacturer and they are working through it but there is something a little off with the 3zipper access. The zippers are a little tighter and its not as clean of a convergence of the three zippers as it is on the older pack design. seems as though there is too much fabric or the angle of the top two zippers is too shallow. Tough one to explain so don't base too much of you decision on this one.

Like the title says, its a good pack. Could have been a great pack. For the brand and the money, I expected a great pack. Buying a first generation anything will have its flaws I suppose.

Hope this review helps make your decision one way or the other.
Good luck and stay safe out there....