Made in the USABerry Compliant

The newly redesigned Rapid Access Trauma System (RATS) pack is a frontline medic bag whose every detail is focused on quick, one-handed access to organized medical supplies. There are multiple trauma shears and tourniquet holders throughout and large reinforced handles for hanging the pack on branches or inside of helicopters. It’s sized so that when mounted on the NICE Frame, there is room below the pack for carrying litters or hydraulic combi tools. Inside the RATS are four removable pockets with clear vinyl windows and two IV bag pockets. The RATS also features removable BVS that optimizes the pack for use with or without body armor.

  • Back panel stores a closed-cell foam pad to insulate patients from the ground
  • Internal trash pocket to keep track of items used
  • Two internal sleeves for splints and long items
  • NICE Frame compatible
  • Two 150 cu in front pockets for blowout kits
  • Top lid features internal bandage and gauze loops
  • 300 cu in zippered bottom pocket
  • Redundant zipper retainers
  • NSN#: Coyote MD/MD 6545-01-617-5668, MULTICAM MD/MD 6545-01-622-9029, MULTICAM MD/SM 6545-01-622-9026
  • Volume: 1800 cu-in (30l)
  • Weight: 6 lbs 5 oz (2.9kg)
  • Dimensions: 19"x11"x7" (48cm x 28cm x 18cm)
  • Frame System: Futura Frame
  • Country Of Manufacture: USA
  • Intended Use: Medical
RATS by a 68W here. Bought the Rapid Access Trauma System (RATS) frontline medic bag in Coyote Tan. First off, gorgeous bag with the best fabric which is both very resilient to tears and stains. My version is the 1st one (I assume) no color coded handles, 1 shear pocket on outside (no TQs), and the non clam-like lid.

The pack was very well thought out, featuring handles everywhere so you could hang it with a carabiner on your ambulance, on a branch or such, either closed for rapid pickup-and-go or opened for quicker access to the rip away pockets. When closed a simple pull opens it up all the way for a “black-trauma-bag" like layout. I have my lid pocket with the vitals tools like pulse-ox, gloves, thermometer, bandaids, tape and such and inside the pull-bags are categorised for bleeding, breathing… In the outside pockets I have some more gloves and some more vitals tools (glucose meter…).

The bag features a notepad like skeleton for some rigidity when the bag is simply laying on a table or ground. I have my outside distinctive Pink Trauma Shear with a lanyard so as not to lose it (even though it won’t come out by accident) and the secondary one on the inside seam are the Tallon II. I carry in the IV pockets 2x2 500ml NS with the TQ around the bags and the IV starter kits taped to each bag. so everything is ready even if you only had that particular pocket. 2 more slim pockets inside may work for trash collecting and later while disposing of it you can replace used supplies ensuring 100% readiness. I use the webbing on one of the sides to attrach a combat ax for breaking and gaining axes through combat locks, wood doors, glass…

Bag rides high with good support and cushion for the longest rucks, or again, I can toss it in the M98 and just carry the lid. Shoulder straps are removable. There is very little that I can think of to improve this bag other than a couple of auxiliary pockets in the hip strap and I can buy and attach those as I see fit. Zippers, seams, stitches and cords are GREAT quality, and only open as intended when intended. Only drawback COULD be that straps are very long but you can tuck them away with tape or velcro once you know the "travel” they’ll need/see. Maybe could use some more loops (velcro) on the outside for personalization.