9 Reasons Why the BRIDGER Series Should be Your Next Backpacking Pack

Published 2023-04-09

When we set out to make our new BRIDGER Series line of backpacking packs, we had one goal in mind – make life better on the trail. To achieve that goal, we went to the drawing board to rethink our approach to pack design. We looked for new ways to enhance comfort and convenience while introducing innovative new features. We wanted to make a pack built to survive in the most demanding environments but made as sustainably as possible. Most of all, we wanted to create a backpack that aligns with our mission of supporting our extraordinary customers who continue to seek bold adventures in far-flung places.

The BRIDGER 35, BRIDGER 45, BRIDGER 55 and BRIDGER 65 backpacks represent all of that and more. We feel they are the best backpacking packs we have ever made, and we think you’ll feel the same way. But just in case you need a little more convincing, here are nine reasons why you need one of these bags for your next adventure.

Made for Veteran Backpackers and First-Timers Alike

The BRIDGER Series was thoughtfully designed with features that veteran backpackers can appreciate, but newcomers will love too. For instance, thanks to the strategic pocket placement and dual-entry points, the packs offer ridiculous access to all of your gear, all of the time. In other words, you won’t have to unpack everything just to find that one elusive item that you’re searching for. You’ll even be able to grab a snack or pull out a rain jacket at a moment’s notice without disrupting everything else in the bag.

Trail Running Inspirations

When designing the BRIDGER Series, we took some inspiration from trail running vests to create what we call the Endurance Yoke. This new suspension system does away with the traditional shoulder straps found on most backpacks in favor of something that resembles the packs used in long-distance endurance sports. This resulted in increased comfort and a more secure fit, even while carrying a heavy load. It also allowed us to get more creative with pocket placement and how we handled airflow.

Easily Adjustable, Super Comfortable and Ventilated Back-Panel

An uncomfortable pack that does not fit your unique body shape, will not properly transfer its load onto your lower back and hips. Instead, you will spend your hike fighting the pack and eventually your shoulders will get raw from carrying the load up top instead of down below. This is why the Endurance Yoke comes with a well-cushioned back panel that can be easily adjusted to get just the right fit for a variety of body types.

The pad slides up and down, allowing for micro-adjustments that can be used to dial in the exact positioning needed. Best of all, once the pad is locked into place, it stays there, providing outstanding support without the need to be realigned regularly.

Made for Men and Women

This adjustable yoke system results from a comprehensive fit and size study with over 150 participants. With this wealth of data, we designed a suspension system that can comfortably accommodate a broader range of people.

More than half of the backpackers who took part in this study were women. This helped us better understand the needs of female hikers and address them in our MYSTERY RANCH pack designs. We are proud to make the most comfortable backpack ever for both women & men.

Stay Cool, Hike Further

By using specialized foam and air-mesh fabrics designed to help ventilate and breathe better, the Endurance Yoke can help keep you stay cooler and dryer on the trail. The yoke and frame works in conjunction with one another to significantly minimize contact between your back and the pack itself. This reduces heat-generating friction and improves airflow, which plays a significant role in keeping you comfortable even on warm-weather hikes.

Pockets Where You Need Them Most

Taking another cue from trail running vests, the BRIDGER Series comes with two stretch pockets on the shoulder straps that are perfect for carrying water bottles or other items you want to keep close at hand. Two additional zippered pockets are conveniently located on the waist belt, offering space for a smartphone, energy bars, sunscreen, or other small items. With so many pockets within easy reach, you may not have to take your pack off all day long.

Materials that are Smart, Sustainable, and Tough

Our BRIDGER packs are made from tough, tear and abrasion-resistant fabrics specifically designed for use in the outdoors. The durability of the fabrics give these bags the ability to take just about any punishment and continue to look brand new even after hundreds of days in the field. The bags are partially built from recycled fabric with 100d high-tenacity ripstop nylon on the side panels even help keep raw material out of the landfill.

Four Size Options

We designed the BRIDGER Series to strike a fine balance between comfort, durability and ability to haul a load. Available in four different size capacities specifically chosen to appeal to most backpackers of all levels. Newest in the series, the BRIDGER 35 weighs 3.7 pounds and the BRIDGER 45 comes in at 4.4 pounds. Both can be used for grueling in-and-outs or minimalist overnighters.

Featured Backpacks: BRIDGER 35 & 45

The BRIDGER 55 weighs in at 5.2 pounds and is perfect for those 1-3 day trips. Meanwhile, the BRIDGER 65 tips the scales at 5.5 pounds and is ideal for the extra gear needed for week-long adventures. The packs are both built to comfortably carry 50 to 60 pounds of gear, which means you don’t have to compromise on what you bring with you. These packs are not designed for the ultralight hiker but are aimed instead at the organization obsessed backpackers who don’t mind carrying a few extra luxuries and don’t want to stop in their tracks to access them.

Featured Backpacks: BRIDGER 55 & 65

All models come in multiple colorwarys and are available in both men’s and women’s harnessing.

So Many Extra Features

In addition to having outstanding comfort, plenty of carrying capacity, and the groundbreaking Endurance Yoke, the BRIDGER Series comes with a host of other great features. For example, the packs are hydration ready, include water-resistant YKK® zippers, and the 45, 55, and 65 have a sleeping bag compartment that is always accessible. They feature dual external tool loops on small diameter daisy chains that can be used to secure trekking poles or a mountain ax.

Added Bonus: The 45, 55, and 65 even come with a removable lid that converts to a hip sack for a summit push or day hike from camp.

Fun Fact: The BRIDGER Series derives its name from Montana’s Bridger Mountains, which stand triumphantly right outside our product design room windows. We always wanted to use the name, but wanted to wait until we designed a pack that really was game-changing … and this was the one.

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