And the lucky urchin(s?) be…

Published 2011-08-08

A pirate’s heart be like a mango. Woody and tough at the core, but there be plenty o’ softness around it…

Yarrr, this old barnacle don’t like t’ sound so ‘motional, but ye mateys done me proud! 81 of ye commented that ye’d like a Booty Bag, and near e’ery one of ye’s got a proper salty tongue. Fer that, we’re givin’ away not one, but two Bags o’ Booty from the Mystery Ranch Treasure Chest.

One o’ these gems we’s givin’ away ‘t random. Our apologies, but our crab trap got ‘eld up in customs, so we’ll have t’ do this one with the help o’

The other, we’re givin’ t’ the scurvy bilge rat who spoke in the most pleasinest pirate parlance.

So let’s get t’ pickin’. Anchors away and raise the sails!

Yarrr! 66 be a fine number. And the 66th urchin t’ comment be:

Greg Stucky, you’s goin’ to make Cap’n in no time with all the booty ye’ll be able t’ haul. YO HO to ye!

The second part o’ this ‘ere’s giveaway was a tough one. Ye all spoke such perfect pirate that this ol’ mango heart o’ mine got tenderized, like ye t’rowed it into a Booty Bag with a heft o’ cannon balls. But not t’ worry, I toughened up t’ make me pickin’s!

Fer mentionin’ me t’ree fav’rite types o’ booty – AARRR-gyle socks, AAARRR-rated DVDs and AAAARR-madillos – and fer callin’ the Booty Bag a “portable treasure chest,” Tim Hoffer be the other winner t’day. A hearty YO HO to ye!

That be all fer t’day mateys. Now off with ye! Don’t ye have some pillagin’ or plunderin’ to look after?