Booty Bag Piratey Shwag Giveaway

Published 2011-08-02

Alright mates and scurvy bilge rats, we’re offerin’ ye a farthin’ o’ Mystery Ranch Loot!

To we o’ the Seven Seas, it be all about the booty. Whether ye be collectin’ booty from a boarded ship, or haulin’ a few belayin’ pins to the crow’s nest to keep on the lookout for e’er more booty, ye needs a good sack. To that end, The BOOTY BAG be a fine, seaworthy scabbard o’ good portent. It’s been known t’ ferry prized possessions t’rough the most violent o’ squalls, while keepin’ pilferin’ fingers off yer loot.

If ye wants t’ call this treasure yer own, ye can navigate the digital seas from here, ’round Cape Shopping Cart, and into the Check-Out Lagoon. OR, ye can try yer scurvy luck at this here’s contest.

Five sunsets from this day, we’s openin’ the Mystery Ranch Chest o’ Treasures t’ one lucky urchin.


RUN YER ROT BELOW, in yer best Pirate parlance, with what kind o’ booty ye’d haul in the BOOTY BAG. We’ll scribe yer name on a crab and set it loose in the factory. First crab t’ pinch the staff wins. Or perhaps we’ll just use t’ do the winner pickin’…