Completing the Circle

Published 2015-09-13

At Mystery Ranch, when we invest in something, we do it with longevity in mind. Whether it’s the importance of protecting and preserving wild places as harbors of healthy habitat, or the inherent fairness for access to our public lands – we feel it in our core. As hunters who are willing to earn an experience, regardless of income or social status, we’re staunch supporters of keeping public lands public. And while there’s a nation’s worth of hunting on Forest Service and BLM land, for us, there’s no place that helps us better connect with our primal instincts than genuine Wilderness.

As such, we’ve named our newest hunting packs after two of our most revered Montana Wilderness Areas: Metcalf and Marshall. These vast, untamed tracts of original land inspire our innovation and are ideal sanctuaries for intrepid sportsmen choosing to slow it down. Relishing the pre-hunt preparation: poring over maps… preseason scouting and scouring… getting to know the folds and spines in the landscape… sharpening your senses to their most razor hone. Methodical stalks to perfect shots or, perhaps, shots left untaken. Because, ultimately, it’s not about the roasts and the European mounts – it’s about reminding ourselves how temporary we are in the grander scheme. We’re virtual dust in the high mountain wind, simply seeking that reverent moment of reflection.

One of our fundamental responsibilities, as hunters, is to pass on fair chase ethics to the next generation. While hunter education generally begins in the classroom, some of the most important lessons can only be taught in the field. So ask yourself, who’s been your mentor and who are you mentoring? Teaching respect, humility, safety and the tenants of good stewardship are foundational to who we are as hunters.

Bottom line – a brand new Mystery Ranch Wilderness Series pack is a damn worthy tool to add to your carefully curated hunting kit. But, keep in mind, our packs get progressively more special with use – like a trusted bow or rifle that’s accompanied you over the years, or a skinning knife handed down by your father. Mystery Ranch packs simply get better with time. Sun-faded from years spent in the field or perhaps blood stained from the massive bull elk you hauled out in the fall of ’15.

Mystery Ranch. Built for the Mission™.

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