Thailand Day 6- Deep Water Soloing: Railay Beach

Published 2009-05-28

Today has by far been the best day here so far. We rose at 7 AM, showered and had breakfast. I tried the American breakfast today (2 boiled eggs, toast, juice, tea and something that was cut into the shape of a flower-although tasted like fried hot dog) the latter turned out to be breakfast sausage. All in all, a great meal. We met with a kid from Toronto (Kyle) and an Austrian girl (Monica) after breakfast. Kyle was psyched to be joining us deep water soloing today. We caught a long-tailed boat at about 10:30 with our guide Rom from King Climbers. We then headed to Koh Po Da for our first climbing adventures of the day. I did a fun and fairly easy traverse, while Patrick climbed to 18+ meters up to a stalactite.

18 meters up and going for it.

Hard climbing from the kayak to the ladder and up the rock, but once we were on the wall the climbing was fairly easy. I wasn’t sure how my ankle would do with hitting the water, so I was nervous to climb very high. Hitting the water and jumping from the rock was exhilarating. I do wish that my blasted ankle was more reliable, so I could have jumped from a much higher point.

It doesn't get much better than this.

Then we headed to a “semi”- deserted beach for a lunch of Khao Pad and relaxation in the sun. Patrick and others did some bouldering here. We then headed to Chicken Island after a brief stop at a very small white sand beach for snorkeling.

The Chicken Island climbs were much higher and more intimidating! Patrick loved it and was by far the best climber of the group.

Way off the deck.

We climbed with several Australians, a Canadian, a few Swedish girls and others I’m not sure of- quite a fun and energetic group! Shortly after we arrived back at Railay, we enjoyed some Thai Pancakes (pineapple and banana/egg) they were akin to an amazing crepe. The sun, swimming and climbing drained our bodies of most of our energy…

-Loni Odenbeck