Engine / IA Buckle Repair Kit - Crew

SKU: WF17 Engine / IA Buckle Repair Kit-Crew-Black
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Field Repair a Strike Team’s Worth of Engine Packs.

Comprised of an assortment of buckles to replace any and all broken buckles on your pack, these kits are filled with Nylon 6,6 hardware, molded with the same material compound as the buckles on our UL® tested and certified NFPA packs.

  • 1.5” Mojave pair (male/female) – 10x (waist belt repair)
  • 1” Snap Attach male – 30x (snap-attach repairs hard-mounted buckles)
  • 1” Snap Attach female– 10x (snap-attach repairs hard-mounted buckles)
  • 1” Snap Attach tensionlock megaducks – 16x (repairs hard-mounted shoulder strap buckles and fire shelter compression buckles)
  • 1” Techno Grab female – 24x
  • ¾” Chestie sternum strap – 6x (complete assembly)
  • ¾” Mojave dual male – 6x (chestie repair)
  • Awesome, classic MYSTERY RANCH sticker – 1x
  • All in a great MYSTERY RANCH large mesh flat bag
NameUPC Code
WF17 Engine / IA Buckle Repair Kit-Crew-Black888564167977
DUNS Number:059122783
2.4 lbs
336 cu-in

Made in the USA

Berry Compliant

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