Hunters of Color

Hunting Foundation

Our mission is to create opportunities for People of Color to participate in the outdoors through conservation and hunting.

-Jimmy Flatt, Co-founder & Programs Director, Hunters of Color

Vision Statement:

An outdoor community where People of Color feel empowered to participate in hunting and conservation proportionately according to the demographics of our country.


Hunters of Color is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing hunting and conservation participation among communities of color. Our mission is to promote the understanding and appreciation of hunting and conservation, and to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their background, have equal access to these important cultural traditions.

We believe that hunting and conservation play an important role in connecting people with nature, promoting self-sufficiency, and preserving our natural resources. By working with communities of color, we aim to increase representation and diversity in hunting and conservation, and to break down the barriers that may prevent individuals from participating in these activities.

Our initiatives include education and outreach programs, access to equipment and training, mentorship, providing hunting and conservation opportunities, advocacy for policies that support hunting and conservation, and research to evaluate the impact of our efforts.

By promoting hunting and conservation amongst communities of color, Hunters of Color hopes to foster a more inclusive and culturally diverse community, and to ensure that the importance of these traditions is passed down to future generations.