Montana Mountaineering Association

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Montana Mountaineering Association  (MMA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to promote the values of rock climbing, mountaineering, and backcountry travel.

MMA fulfills its mission by offering a variety of instructional and experiential programs including guided trips and educational courses focused on alpine endeavors. The offerings span a wide array of rock, ice, and snow activities that range from competitively priced high-end guided days to subsidized or free programs targeting lower-income populations, young adults, and minority groups. We are inclusive of all motivated people. Proceeds from the revenue-generating activities help subsidize these other offerings.

This operational model is based on our belief that the mountains that we love and cherish have transformational powers that benefit individuals and society alike. With our wide range of offerings, we strive to lower the entry and participation barriers that might inhibit practitioners from getting or sustaining quality mentorship, instruction, education or guidance to explore the mountains safely and responsibly. We aim to support our community with these services regardless of economic background, previous experience, gender, age, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity.

In 2003, MMA was started by Erin Taylor. The vision was to teach mountain safety and education through mentorship. The program also aims to develop community leaders because alpinism is a lifelong apprenticeship.

MYSTERY RANCH has a long-standing partnership with Touch The Sky program, which now is under the Montana Mountaineering Association’s umbrella as of 2019. MYSTERY RANCH's Climbing Ambassadors Becky SwitzerWhit Magro, and Inge Perkins have at one time or another given time to the program in some fashion guiding or volunteering. They are psyched to continue that.

Currently, MMA is not a membership org. But is working on creating a membership program as a way to help fund operations while supporting BIPOC community outreach opportunities serving climbers in the state of Montana. Members would benefit from local business and industry discounts as well as learning resources via their website page.

"Being able to provide a possible different outcome in a youth’s life journey. Mountains have the ability for transformational power. Being able to provide opportunities to youth and adults that may not have otherwise been able to have that transformational experience is gratifying."

- Jason Thompson, Executive Director, MMA

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