Touch the Sky

Outdoor Foundation

"Touch the Sky is the climbing communities way of giving back to new, young climbers and encouraging them through safe, adventurous activities at Spire or surrounding crags in Montana and beyond. And, a new Scholarship Fund in the honor of Inge Perkins, a program dedicated to supporting young women to challenge themselves mentally and physically."

- Ryan Holm, Director of Marketing, MYSTERY RANCH

Touch the Sky introduces kids and teens to the mental and physical joys of rock climbing in safe, fun, inspiring environments. With every trip to the great outdoors, Touch the Sky shares the importance of appreciation and stewardship of the environment with the next generation of climbers, trailblazers, and world-changers.

The organization started in 1996 by Tom Wells. Tom saw a need in the community to provide mentorship to kids who were interested in outdoor climbing (this was a time where very few climbing gyms existed around the country). Touch the Sky was, and still is, a way to pass on climbing skills and knowledge to youth who otherwise didn't have anyone to learn from in the community.

The mission of Touch the Sky is to get kids outside through rock climbing. Many people learn by doing, and sometimes by failure as much as success. Kids need freedom to experiment and play, but also need a safety net and boundaries. As climbing educators, we treat each youth we work with in this capacity. Climbing is more accessible than ever before, but good mentors are hard to find.

Both, Touch the Sky and MYSTERY RANCH, have deep Montana roots. Both organizations have grown and adapted as the community has developed, but both organizations have stayed true to their respective goals-to serve the community with a service and product that is unique and authentic.

To get involved with the Inge Perkins Fund or apply for this scholarship, visit here: