Load Cell Shoulder Bag

SKU: WS19 Load Cell Shoulder Bag
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Keep your act together with the LOAD CELL SHOULDER BAG.

Built for the commuter, this convenient shoulder bag, the LOAD CELL, hauls a day’s worth of stuff. Built with rugged CORDURA® fabric, it will withstand the toughest front country environments. Featuring a spacious main bag with a separate, zippered accessory pocket, the LOAD CELL melds mountain style with urban functionality.

  • These bags feature the same design principles and durability that MYSTERY RANCH is known for and are built to survive the harshest commute, wherever that may be.
  • Single, adjustable shoulder-carry strap
  • Side accessory pockets
  • 500D CORDURA® fabric
  • YKK® zippers
NameUPC Code
WS19 Load Cell Shoulder Bag-Black888564155462
WS19 Load Cell Shoulder Bag-Galaxy888564169889
WS19 Load Cell Shoulder Bag-Moss888564162750
WS19 Load Cell Shoulder Bag-Multicam888564179031
DUNS Number:059122783
0.7 lb
549 cu-in

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Nice murse, bro!


I found this to be an excellent option for a dad type carry all. I was headed for a fanny pack to hold all my EDC separate from my diaper bag (I'm a writer and stay at home dad). This fit the bill and it looks more like a Jack Sack from "24" than a purse. When I saw it I was instantly in love. It has a handful of logical compartments and one is large enough to accommodate my iPad Pro and a few larger books. Plenty of room for a light jacket, sunglasses case, and charger etc.

My one problem is the stitching is either too bombproof and it's causing puckering or it was just stitched poorly. This is a "made globally" deal and I think that shows compared to my Dana Designs and most of my other US made Mystery Ranch stuff. On the other hand the price is below the value of the bag in my opinion so I will accept the weird fit and finish.

Good size


Been using this for a year of worth of EDC.
Able to swallow a change of clothes + more but it's most comfortable carrying just my cell phones, power bank, wallet, keys and some other odds and ends.
The Velcro pocket is seldom used as it is loud and not secure. Wish it's made with zippers on both sides.
Sewing is starting to fray after a year.