Looking Back at Bridger Bowl

Published 2009-06-03

James Binkley picking his way through the burn. Western Bridgers.

With spring well on its way and the warm weather turning the landscape from white to green, it seems like a good time to look back on the season. We are fortunate enough to live in a place where our playground is just minutes from home and much of our time this winter was spent exploring this area and investigating new possibilities.

Early season air. Bridger Bowl.

With the addition of Bridger Bowl’s new Schlasman’s chairlift, we were able to easily scout and access some exciting terrain.

A few Saddle Peak packs making their way back to the motherland.

In addition to the new inbounds terrain we were also granted open boundaries to the north and south which provided us with lift served access to some really diverse locations. And as always, the camera was along to capture it all.

James Binkley tearing through a fresh blanket of snow. Western Bridgers.

James Binkley enjoying the new Schlasmans territory.

North of Boundary.

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