Quick Draw Rifle Sling

SKU: WS19 Quick Draw Rifle Sling-Coyote
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Our QUICK DRAW RIFLE SLING and integrated backpack attachment – in one.

Not all rifle slings are created equal. Our QUICK DRAW RIFLE SLING draws on the best elements of standard slings and then takes it to a whole new level of functionality. With a rifle stock docking station that attaches to your pack's waist belt and a reliable, magnetic sternum buckle, you're poised for secure, hands-free bushwhacking.

  • Features a magnetic FIDLOCK® closure for quick attach/detach to and from sternum strap.
  • Fully padded standalone rifle sling
  • Converts into a secure backpack attachment system
  • Rifle stock docking station attaches to waist belt
  • 500D CORDURA® fabric
  • Hypalon for long-haul durability
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WS19 Quick Draw Rifle Sling-Coyote888564163115
DUNS Number:059122783
9.6 oz

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2 / 5
Based on 7 Reviews

Good idea, poor execution


This sling will simply not hold a rifle on your shoulder. It’ll slide right off as soon as you move. I’ve tried adjusting the sling tighter and looser, tried with different guns, tried with different MR packs, tried with butt stock holder all the way back towards the pack and forward at the 3 o’clock position, and it doesn’t work in any configuration.

Dont bother


Awesome concept but poorly executed. Rifle kept falling off my shoulder as i was climbing.

Save your money.


The idea is great but the product is poor. Rifle is constantly falling off my shoulder as there is no friction between the sling and your shoulder. When my pack (Cabinet) is packed, it’s almost impossible to get the butt of the rifle into the holder on the belt.
Contacted MR and was told it wansnt necessarily designed to be used with large rifles that have a bipod in them. So I guess if you are hunting with a .22 this should work great.
I won’t recommend this to anyone.

Not what I was hoping for


I love the idea of this sling but it just doesn't work. I'm sure I could jimmy rig it to kind of work but for the price it's not worth it. I will be returning it to the retailer. If you are standing up straight it stays fine but as soon as you bend or swing a little the rifle falls right off your shoulder leaving you with having to hold the sling on your shoulder just the same as you would any normal sling. Not a true hands free design. I have the kifaru gun bearer which is a hands free design just not a huge fan of having the rifle under my arm pit, makes it awkward to glass so I was way excited to try this so the rifle has on my back out of the way. The quick release fidlock is awesome, hope that mystery ranch can perfect the rest of it.

Love Mystery Ranch, just not this product


Great quality and idea, just definitely needs to be reworked. I like the magnetic buckle design and the way it holds my rifle in place on my waist, however it constantly falls off my shoulder. It works fine on a flat trail back to the truck. I have used it on several hunts and adjusted it in every possible position before removing it from my pack. I have also tried it on all of my packs, the Pintler, Metcalf and the Marshall with the same result. I love Mystery Ranch and plan on always using them but I truly believe this needs to be removed from their line of products.