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A backpack for all your transcendent, mountain adventures.

This award-winning pack has only gotten better the second time around. The new SPHINX 60 still features the desirable long, center-front zipper, which allows you to see and access all your gear effortlessly. Its updates include new materials and harnessing. With its sturdy yet super flexible frame, it provides a supportive, stable, comfortable carry. Designed with two vertical long pockets and a removable lid, this pack has all the features necessary for your next backcountry mission.

  • The Adventure Frame is a light yet robust system. The mainframe is comprised of two vertical composit rods, an upper horizontal composit bar, and an aluminum lumbar stay. The composit cross stay keeps the vertical rods properly aligned and allows them to pivot and flex for a dynamic, stable carry. There are two upper portions and one lower of an HDPE frame sheet for added structure. Through patented features and construction methods, the mainframe transfers the weight of the load into the wings which relay the weight and equalizes the contact around and into the belt. The waist belt cants and conforms over the hips to effectively transfer and distribute the weight and eliminate slippage down over the hips.
  • The patented Futura Yoke easily micro adjusts to the torso length allowing the proper amount of stand-off between the back and frame.
  • Features a removable, double-wrap, Redirect waist belt system that secures in a natural, forward pull direction that requires less effort to tighten.
  • Top-loading shroud with full length center zip for full access to interior
  • Two, exterior vertical long pockets
  • Zippered pocket on removable lid
  • Water bottle pockets 
  • Side compression straps that can buckle around the pack for full 
  • compression or lashing on accessories
  • Adjustable tool attachment
  • Double-wrap, redirect waist belt with zippered pockets
  • 210D & 330D Robic fabric
  • YKK® zippers
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WS19 Sphinx 60-Wood-XL888564178416
WS19 Sphinx 60-Wood-S888564177891
WS19 Sphinx 60-Deep Sea-XL888564178409
WS19 Sphinx 60-Wood-L888564176948
WS19 Sphinx 60-Wood-M888564177457
WS19 Sphinx 60-Deep Sea-S888564177884
WS19 Sphinx 60-Deep Sea-L888564176931
WS19 Sphinx 60-Deep Sea-M888564177440
DUNS Number:059122783
4.8 lbs
3662 cu-in
harnessing style

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Amazing pack! This is probably the closest pack to a perfect SAR 72 hr pack. I know MR makes a 3Dap (which I love and have carried 50lbs in mine with relative comfort) but the volume is not enough for a true 72hr sar pack when your area is the high Rockies. We have to be able to spend the night in a very cold high altitude environment no matter the time of year and at the same time be able to support an individual who has lost all their gear. When considering this and adding cold weather clothing, a 0° sleeping bag, a stove and a WFR medical kit to your bag you quickly find you need more than 32 liters.
That's where the Sphinx shines. 70 liter total volume and the lid works perfectly for my med kit and it's a bomber pack. Fits great, carries great due to the futura frame, and isn't too big to be put on a helicopter when we get a quick ride up the mountain.
And it will work amazing for week long backpacking trips. I prefer minimum amounts of gear personally.
So, I didn't qualify for MR's pro deal as a SAR tech but I think it shows how much I like their stuff that I went ahead and payed retail for the Sphinx. Could have gone with half a dozen other packs via sites like outdoor prolink but I feel that Mystery Ranch products are head and shoulders above the rest in all areas and I am very happy I went this route.
Some great features:
•Huge hip belt pockets!
•The outer torpedo pockets are great for quick grab items and hold a bunch.
•Full length front zipper. Makes this top loader a breeze to find stuff in.
•Hydration ready. It's a must for SAR work.
•Very robust fabric.
•Load lifters work amazing.
•Adjustable yoke makes the fit spot on.
•Ice axe, tekking pole holders

Only two cons if I had to come up with something:
•For SAR work, a bright yellow/green color or blaze orange would be cool
•A few more attachment points for lashing on extra gear when we need to bring up team gear

That's it, 5 stars amazing pack.

The Best Multiday Pack. Period.


Been backpacking since the '70s and have owned just about every pack out there. The internal frame revolution brought discomfort and awkwardness, but we embraced it because it was "better". I've been through several internal frame packs over the years and hated them all. They either dig into my boney hips and cut off circulation to my legs or they make my shoulders hurt. And they are never convenient to pack.

Along comes Mystery Ranch and I've found the ultimate pack. The harness system distributes weight properly and is easy to adjust for a precise fit. No circulation cutoff, no shoulder pain, just right. And they're bombproof and easy to pack. The revolutionary center zip is truly useful.

I liked my Sphinx so well that I went out and bought a Scree and a Ravine. Done - just refreshed my packs and put all my others on the auction block. My only sadness is that I really can't justify buying any more packs by Mystery Ranch.

This Sphinx is the load master. 35lbs, 40lbs - carries it well. Sure, you'll feel the extra weight, but no pinch points, no cutoff of circulation. I can't say enough good things about the design and comfort. And hey, the little waist belt pockets are actually useful - you can carry more than just a few gummy bears in them.

Perfect for Colorado's Huts


Having been into most of the 10th Mountain Division huts in the past 25 years, and being a relative gear minimalist, this one has hit the sweet spot.
A) if you take too much gear, then you can lash things on, stuff under lids, or secure with existing straps with little to no wobble.
B) if you take too little gear, this compresses down nicely, with no wobble, and will still hold the ever-necessary shovels on the outside or inside, plus bulky camera gear, plus all that gourmet food (and sleeping bags).
C) super comfortable, super adjustable, even on the fly.
D) I have even lashed on another pack to the back of this one (desperate times call for desperate solutions) and comfortably carried way too much gear.
E) buy it and enjoy with impunity.

Love The Sphinx!


I've rocked the Osprey Volt, The Aether and even tried my hand at some other packs. But after buying and using the Sphinx, I'll never look anywhere else. You can just feel the quality of materials and strength of the fabric and zippers on this pack. I'm 6'3 and about 190lbs with a torso size in between 22-23" and the XL is absolutely PERFECT for me. The adjustment is easy to do and dial in. I cannot say enough good things about this pack. I've had it on my wishlist for the past year, and just recently made the decision and purchased it. That was the best decision ever. I cannot wait to put thousands of miles on this bad boy! Thanks Mystery Ranch!!

The Backpack That Could


I have had my Sphinx for approximately 5 months now and I am very satisfied. I am an outdoor educator for the BSA and guide young men and women on 100 mile treks through the wonderful cascades. Because of this I have strenuous requirements for my gear; my gear and systems must be as down right reliable and efficient as possible so that while I'm out on trail I'm more focused on what I'm doing to teach then I am worrying about gear. The Sphinx is just that. This pack is reliable, has excellent accessibility and is very adjustable to the user. If you have done any research on Mystery Ranch you know they specialize in load carriage. While using this pack I had the great challenge of caring 60 pounds of gear and my back shoulders and hips were as comfortable as can be (my legs were a different story). There are few things this pack is missing and some of them are surprising; such as a rain cover, Velcro hydration loop organizers, and possibly some other small things. One thing I would like to see as an improvement would be a "conversion kit" if you will to give it the "summit bag" capabilities that the Stein 62 has. Again I LOVE my sphinx to death and highly recommend it. Kind regards, Jared.