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Like a second set of hands to hold necessities.

The WET RIB mounts to your harnessing, keeping a water bottle and a few other essential items close and accessible. Great for late-season hunting when a bladder tube would freeze, this pouch will keep you on the move as you stay hydrated.

  • Connected bottle pocket with top cinch closure
  • Zippered pocket for quick access to key essentials
  • 500D CORDURA® fabric and YKK® zippers
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WS19 Wet Rib-Shadow888564179208
DUNS Number:059122783
5 oz
200 cu-in + H2O bottle pocket (3 L)

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wet rib


When I bought my Terraplane 30 years ago, I added two of Dana's wet ribs, pockets that attach to the shoulder straps in front, where you can easily carry and access your GPS, camera, binocs, bars, sunscreen, bug dope, bear spray, whatever -- plus a liter of water in each. My wife has been wanting one, but DD has been out of business for twenty years. Now I find them available again from Mystery Ranch, but only for the one side so far. I hope Dana brings back the other side, or maybe the long wet rib.
A wet rib transfers some of the weight to your front; two liters of water in two wet ribs is 4-1/2 pounds, more if you use insulated flasks. If you go solo like me, you won't have to take off your pack every time you want water. It's the best thing that ever happened to the best backpack I ever owned. Thanks, Dana!

Best Accessory


I use this every time I use my pack. It is the most useful accessory I have for it. Whether I pack snacks, water, bear spray, or any other item that I use on the trail that I want quick access for this is perfect.

Wet web


I used the wet web when I thru hiked the AT over 20 years ago. It is such an amazing product. I have used it on all of my backpacking adventures ever since my thru hike. I was hoping to purchase the wet web for my children's packs since I am no fan of the new hydro systems. I am sad to see they are not being made currently. It would be nice to have a choice on how I carry my water. If they ever make the wet web again they are amazing. I will buy 3 when they start making them. Soon I hope!

Great piece of gear!


I've owned one of these for years and it's a great addition to my backpacking rig. I can store camera, firearm, snacks, or any other item that I need to access quickly or frequently without having to remove my pack. Even though I use a hydration system, I do use the wet rib for water storage as it holds a one quart nalgene bottle perfectly. If you elect not to carry a bottle in the drawstring pouch, the space can safely accommodate other articles of similar proportion. I especially like the suspension system as the three points of attachment (upper and lower on one shoulder strap and an adjustable, buckled cross strap that extends to the other shoulder strap) keep the wet rib snug and eliminate swinging or swaying while trekking on trails or bushwhacking. Highly recommend this product!

Wet rib


First, let me say that the Mystery Ranch folks are so nice and telephone accessible that it is easily worth a star, thus my rating is two stars instead of one. Now for the bad news. Two deficiencies in this product: First; no instructions. I know it should be easy enough to figure out but it takes longer than it should for forty bucks. And now for the real knock--the three attachment bucket are too small for the webbing on both my Marshall and Dragon Slayer packs. ( I have an old Alpine LTW that it may fit, but I replaced that as my main pack very recently with the Marshall.) And I know larger buckles exist--the Marshall's sternum strap uses a pair of them. For that matter, so does the Dragon Slayer. Like most of my purchases from trusted manufacturers, the receipt hit the shredder 30 seconds after unpacking the Rib, so I won't be returning it. But I won't be using it either, unless I go on a nostalgia trip with the LTW, assuming it will fit that pack. Not that big a deal overall, but how could MR not get an appropriate size buckle on this otherwise well designed piece of equipment? Or have I really missed the boat here?