Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Published 2023-05-02

Adventurous women inspire us daily to create gear they can count on and push us to make the best-fitting products designed specifically for the female form. From the backcountry to every day, she deserves thoughtfully designed, top-performing gear that supports any of her pursuits. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to find the perfect gift for the woman who gave you life and taught you how to tie your shoes. Look no further than MYSTERY RANCH’s range of durable, high-quality packs and gear.



For the Hunting Mom

For the Mom who loves to hunt, we recommend our Women’s POP UPs or METCALF packs. Both packs are designed to provide comfort and support on any outdoor adventure with our unique women’s harnessing system and come equipped with durable materials and high-quality construction that can withstand even the toughest conditions. The Women’s POP UP is a versatile and durable pack that can be used as a daypack or for extended hunts. The Women’s METCALF is a larger pack designed for longer hunting trips and is perfect for Moms who want to go all-in. And with ample storage space for all her outdoor essentials, she can go after those big bucks like a pro.


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For the Outdoorsy Mom

For Moms who enjoy hiking or backpacking, they will love our new Women’s COULEE and BRIDGER series. The Women’s COULEE is designed for day hikes and has plenty of room for all her essentials, while the Women’s BRIDGER is a larger pack that’s perfect for overnight. Both packs are comfortable, versatile, and durable, making them the ideal companion for any adventure. And when it comes to women’s packs, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’ve designed our women’s harnessing to fit the unique needs of female adventurers. Our women’s packs are designed to fit women’s bodies more comfortably and effectively, so Moms can confidently tackle any adventure. As a bonus, she’ll feel good knowing these packs are made from recycled materials.

WOMEN’S COULEE 30 in Paprika

WOMEN’S BRIDGER 35 in AURA and the WOMEN’S BRIDGER 45 in Pebble

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For the Everyday Mom

And for everyday use, MYSTERY RANCH has a range of packs that are both functional and stylish, and with so many fun colors to choose from, Mom can express her personality while staying organized and prepared.

If your Mom needs a versatile backpack for work or travel, then the MARKET, RIP RUCK 15, and URBAN ASSAULT 18 are all excellent choices.

The HIP MONKEY is an excellent choice for moms who need a compact and convenient waist pack to carry around their phone, keys, and other essentials. The HIP MONKEY is perfect for every day or on the trail, designed for an efficient fit, whether on the hips or diagonally over the shoulder.

HIP MONKEY. Shop available colors on

The BINDLE is a larger option that can be worn as a sling tote or classic shoulder bag, making it a durable, everyday carry option for errands or the office. The BINDLE comes in two sizes and features a boxy structure designed to stay upright and open when on the ground. And with its roomy interior and durable materials, it’s like a bottomless Mary Poppins bag. Don’t tell Mom that, or she’ll never stop stuffing it.

BINDLE 10 in Conifer

The MARKET is a great choice for Mom’s everyday needs. It’s a sleek, minimalist tote bag that can be used as a purse, shopping bag, or work bag – perfect for carrying laptops, books, and other daily items. And with its rugged construction, it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

MARKET. Shop available colors on

The RIP RUCK 15 has a rugged and functional design that can be customized to fit Mom’s needs while still being small enough to fit even the smallest of frames. The pack includes a main compartment, an internal zippered pocket, and several external pockets, providing plenty of storage space for Mom’s go-to items. The RIP RUCK 15 also features a customizable PALS panel and daisy chain on the front, allowing her to attach additional pouches or accessories.

RIP RUCK 15 in Foliage

The URBAN ASSAULT 18 is a sleek and stylish backpack perfect for daily use. Initially designed for women, it is 3″ shorter and 3 L smaller than its big brother, the URBAN ASSAULT 21. The 3-ZIP design serves both form and function, allowing ready access to her pack’s contents. And if your Mom loves a pop of color, we don’t need to say much more about the VICE colorway!

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For the Traveling Mom

Is the Mom in your life a consistent over-packer? If so, help condense and organize her life with our super, durable yet lightweight ZOID CUBES. These packing organizers come in multiple colors and sizes – a must for every Mom that’s on the go.

ZOID CUBE Small in Black

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There you have it – MYSTERY RANCH has a range of high-quality products that make perfect gifts for any mom who loves the outdoors, needs a reliable backpack for work or travel, or just needs a convenient piece of gear for everyday use. This Mother’s Day, give the mother figure in your life a gift she’ll love and appreciate for years to come. And remember, no matter which pack you choose, it’s not just a gift; it’s a thank you – a thank you to the moms who do it all, from cooking our meals to kissing our boo-boos to listening to our endless, crazy stories. So, let’s show the Moms out there how much we appreciate all they do – with a gift that’s as tough and versatile as they are.

And who knows, maybe with a new MYSTERY RANCH pack in tow, your Mom will be even more prepared to tackle any challenge that comes her way. After all, Moms are used to doing it all.