The MYSTERY RANCH Dealer of Record (DOR) Program creates an opportunity to support and reward vendors actively working on behalf of US military end-users.

The MR DOR program is designed to support and reward those dealers who understand what Mystery Ranch can provide and are actively pursuing business opportunities within our industry. To qualify, Dealers must initiate and actively communicate with customers during the DOR process.


A vendor/dealer initiates a potential sales opportunity with a customer either by visiting the customer and demonstrating our packs or by putting a significant amount of time into educating and selling to them.

To qualify for DOR status, the dealer must initiate the business and document the work they have done. Not every DOR request will qualify; simple customer inquiries or RFQ responses do not qualify for DOR pricing.

If the criteria are met, the dealer will receive preferential pricing once approved. Mystery Ranch is not liable for the loss of a bid due to the dealer's final bid price. All DORs are first-come, first-serve.

The DOR is awarded on a case by case basis and DOR qualification does not mean the dealer has the DOR pricing on associated products or with the customer other than what was originally approved.

If Mystery Ranch initiates the sale, no DOR's will be accepted.

Submission Steps

  1. Dealer initiates a sales opportunity by on-site demonstrations of our products or putting a significant amount of time into educating and selling to a qualified customer. If someone simply asks for pricing, or our product* is requested on an existing bid, this does not qualify for DOR pricing. Please be sure to fully document the work you have done to support your request for DOR Pricing.

  2. MR will confirm submission has been received and, if your application is approved, a notification will be sent to their email with instructions to follow.

  3. If all the above criteria are met, DOR will receive preferential pricing.

Dealer of Record Request Guidelines

  • This request form is for DOR requests, not for product availability.

  • Once you have filled out the form below and submitted your DOR request, you will receive a confirmation email.

  • You will receive a second email with your official approval or denial within 1 to 2 business days.

  • If necessary, we will contact you for additional information which may delay your DOR request.

  • To talk with a Customer Service representative about the DOR program, please call 1.833.548.1999. For existing DOR requests, please have your reference number available during the call.

Dealer of Record Request Form

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Contact details

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Shipping Address

Please allow 24-48 hours for processing the DOR request. Please call a Customer Service Representative with any further questions 1.833.548.1999.


We're currently reviewing your request and will contact you once we have completed the process.

Thank you!
MYSTERY RANCH Customer Service