The BOZEMAN SPECIAL BLEND packs and other "product drops" forms for MYSTERY RANCH will experience a waiting room. This process allows us to ensure a fair chance of purchasing unique items.

At this time, please make sure you have set up a Mystery Ranch account so that when you enter this queue process, you are ready to checkout without having to log in or create a new user account.

We have queueing technology assisting us with supplying the best user experience, and these are the following steps for the queue:

  1. Pre-Queue Landing Page: Click on the Pre-Queue link centered on the homepage at This is a waiting room before the sale starts; once the sale is live, we will automatically transition the user to the queue. + Read More
  2. Queue Landing Page: You are now in line, and once it's your turn, we will notify you that you can start the checkout process—you have seven minutes to complete the purchase. + Read More
    • Once everyone is in the queue, we will release a pace of users to go into the PDP to purchase within 7 minutes. If you do not purchase within 7 minutes, your cookie session will end and move back of the line within the queue—so be quick and decisive. Our goal was to give you enough information via social, email, press, landing pages ahead of time. Hence, you have an awareness of the finished product before arriving here.
    • IMPORTANT! If you are in the pre-queue or the queue, IT DOESN'T GUARANTEE you will get an opportunity to purchase a pack because of the limited quantity and users that randomly got assigned before your place in line.
    • When it is your turn to enter the PDP, we will automatically transfer you to the PDP by pinging your browser (if you are on another tab) and signing up for email notification (you can do both notification types)—IMPORTANT! If you are on another tab, not viewing your browser on your working screen, you will have to view the queue tab in the browser to start entering the website to make a purchase—you must do this within 5 minutes; otherwise, you will lose your place in line and back to the end of the queue.
    • You will be last in line if you enter the queue after the queue has started, as we have entered a first-come, first-serve phase.
    • As we release customers, we may pause the campaign to allow our internal systems to catch confirming our sales orders match our back-end systems—inventory is still available. If you are in the process, the pause process will not affect you—continue to checkout.
    • We will let customers in as fast as our system allows, and you may see the wait time fluctuate as we chunk through the requests—users may choose not to purchase.
    • As we progress towards a more limited stock, we will minimize the number of customers checking out the remaining quantities. This process is super manual, so we appreciate your patience and understanding with all the moving parts.
  3. Post-Queue Landing Page: Once we have sold out, we will redirect you to the landing page that states that the sale has ended. If you are here, we sold out of the product and no longer have any available for purchase. + Read More
    • Once we have sold out and are still in the queue, we will transition you to a post-queue page informing you that the sale has ended.
  4. DON'T HASSLE CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you didn't get a turn or tried to proxy ship your order outside the US or within the US with a freight forwarder, we will cancel your order (And deny future purchasing). Do not call Customer Service; you are annoying, and we will not tolerate the disrespect for this special program. + Read More
    • Suppose you are processing your order, and we are out of stock, but your order is still processed. In that case, customer service will inform you that we will be canceling your order. And PLEASE DON'T HECKLE our CS team if this happens to you—YOU'RE ANNOYING, AND YOU NEED TO GET OVER YOURSELF! Be grateful for the opportunity, and know that we are doing several more special product drops this year, and you will get another shot! We are a community of people at MYSTERY RANCH that value respect.

All limited product releases sold on the MYSTERY RANCH website are U.S. shipping only. All orders are promptly reviewed and any freight forwarding, proxy shipping, or third-party purchases with a final destination outside of the United States are subject for cancellation.

If you have further questions about our waiting room or shipping restrictions, please contact our in-house customer service here.