The MYSTERY RANCH Fire Line is founded on the backs of a professional workforce whose primary duties are the suppression and management of wildland fires.

These men and women are trained and built for their mission. They ask for very little yet serve the American public, lead from the front, and risk their lives to protect public lands, lives, and private property. To recognize the efforts of these men and women, MYSTERY RANCH would like to introduce the Backbone Series.

The Backbone Series will highlight the backs behind the packs – the faces that put on the packs and boots on the ground – the backbones of which the MYSTERY RANCH Fire Line and the Federal Fire Response has been built.

Our intent is to educate and inform the public of what makes this job so fulfilling and where challenges lie for those who have chosen this profession. We will recognize the men and women who wear our packs daily and those who have for the last time – our valued fallen.

MYSTERY RANCH employees recently appeared on the Anchor Point Podcast to discuss careers as a hotshot, the Backbone Series, designing packs for the fire line and more

To fuel this educational campaign, we have created
The MYSTERY RANCH Backbone Scholarship

MYSTERY RANCH would like to solicit contributors for the Backbone Series and educate the public on the realities of a career in Wildland Fire – the good, the bad, and the ugly. In return, contributors will be eligible for the Backbone Scholarship.

Special Edition Backbone Packs

To fund the scholarship, we have taken two of our top-selling everyday carry packs – the URBAN ASSAULT 21 and the 3-WAY BRIEFCASE – and built them in “wildfire black” with great intent to create a scholarship fund called “The Backbone Scholarship” to support and assist in the education of seasonal Forestry Technicians that want to further their careers in fire or outside of fire. These $1000 scholarships will help the men and women that go above and beyond in the off-season. Fire Classes, medical training, and college education aren’t cheap. Countless men and women work for Federal Land Management Agencies as Forestry Technicians and seek to better themselves in the off-season to compete for permanent appointments. Some individuals use fire as a means to assist with greater life goals and objectives.

10% of proceeds from these unique packs will fund the scholarship and winning contributors will receive a $1,000 scholarship. Winners will be selected anonymously throughout the duration of the campaign.

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Who is eligible?

To qualify for the MYSTERY RANCH Backbone Scholarship, you must be a US or Canadian Wildland Fire employee, retiree, or spouse of a current or retired Wildland Fire employee and a profile contributor for the Backbone Series.

Temporary Seasonal Employees:

  • Contributions must be submitted while laid off for the season and separated from employment from their respective agency.
  • Please submit 1-3 photographs of yourself on the job or pictures of your choice.
  • Do not list Agency, Forest, District, or specific module.
    • If you do, we will edit it out.

Permanent Full Time and Permanent Seasonal Employees:

  • Do not create or submit using a government computer or on government time.
  • Contributions will be edited to ensure anonymity.
  • Please submit an un-identifying photograph.
  • Do not list Agency, Forest, District, or specific module.
    • If you do, we will edit it out.

Download the questionnaire below and submit your content to

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Meet Luke Mayfield

MYSTERY RANCH’s Fireline Program Manager and Founder of the Backbone Series

The Backbone Series has been created to educate the public on the sacrifice and work that goes into responding to the wildland fire environment. The Backbone Scholarship has been created to give back to the men and women that put their boots on the ground when most are driving away. The Backbone Scholarship has been created to assist people in getting where they’re going to.

More About Luke


Meet just a few of the fine men and women of the MYSTERY RANCH fire family. Join us on this journey as we lead from the front to learn more about the Forestry Technicians, Supervisory Forestry Technicians, Firefighters, and Wildland Firefighters that put their lives, families, and well-being on the line.

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