We kindly require you to wash your pack before sending it in for repair. If we receive your pack and the cleaning instructions were not followed, or if the pack is deemed unsafe for our staff to work on, you will be assessed a $25.00 equipment maintenance fee per pack, or your un-repaired pack(s) will be shipped back to you, at our discretion.*

Pack Cleaning Instructions

  • If you have access to compressed air blow the pack off after heavy use or after the season. Concentrate on zipper chains and sliders.
  • Loosen all webbing that connects the yoke to the pack or frame. Pull open Velcro flap (yoke cape), remove yoke adjuster from yoke sleeve, break the Velcro bond on the back panel and remove yoke from the body of the bag. Reverse waist belt webbing and loosen or remove waist belt, if applicable.
  • Unravel all straps from Velcro web keepers. Unload pack and open all pockets. Empty pack of personal belongings and additional debris by turning upside-down and shaking. Make sure all debris has been removed from the yoke sleeve.
  • For tough jobs: use a power-washer, self-serve car wash, or tub with warm water and a scrub. For lighter duty: use a garden hose, shower, or tub with warm water and a soft-bristled brush. Mild detergent like NIKWAX Tent & Gear SolarWash can be helpful for the filthiest packs. DO NOT MACHINE WASH YOUR PACK. Use Hydrogen Peroxide to remove blood stains.
  • Hang in a shady area with good ventilation to dry – never dry your pack in direct sunlight.

General Pack Maintenance

  • To maintain effective water repellency on your pack, we recommend using NIKWAX Tent & Gear SolarProof. Sorry, we cannot apply DWR to your pack while it is in the shop for repair.

*We do not have pack-washing infrastructure here at our factory, which means we rely on our customers to follow simple cleaning instructions. Sewing or patching packs covered in dirt and grime puts considerable wear and tear on our sewing machines and diminishes the end quality of your repair. These maintenance costs will be passed on to you. If a pack is too dirty or unsafe to repair, we will ship it back to you at our discretion.