Innovation Invasion: The 3-Way Briefcase and Invader are LIVE

Published 2014-05-01

If you haven’t seen it yet, Inc. Magazine has featured Mystery Ranch in its list of the 25 Most Audacious Companies.

The article defined an “audacious” company as “on the one hand…bold, courageous, even heroic. Yet, on the other, they are defiant, presumptuous, irreverent, and even cocky. They see a better way to do something and work to make it happen, fearlessly committed to not only making their vision a reality but also spreading that vision.”

We certainly feel that this is an appropriate assessment of what we stand for and how we go about our business of designing packs for the mountains, the street, and the front line. Dana Gleason has always done it his way: committed to his version of the best, even when that idea may have gone against what is popular.

Robots in Disguise.

Our latest products are no exception. Two more designs from Dana’s son, D3 (who is rapidly making a name for himself in the Adventure /Urban market), represent our full commitment to irreverent innovation. Both packs draw on the designs and technology of our work with the military, wherein we attempt to solve complex carry problems as efficiently and effectively as possible. And while your commute might seem like a mission into enemy territory, at least finding your phone won’t feel like modern warfare.


The Expandable 3-Way Briefcase takes our signature 3-Zip design and applies it to an everyday carry with Transformer-like functionality. At once a backpack, hand-held briefcase and shoulder bag, the 3-Way does it your way.



The Invader, a smaller version of our popular Outsider design, offers a more streamlined profile and introduces detachable velcro pockets for things like change and earbuds.

Check out the 3-Way Expandable briefcase:

And the Invader:

Both available for pre-order today – shipping early June.