Georgia on my mind….

Published 2011-05-17

There's a reason they're called "Aviators"

Georgia is a curious place, especially for the mountain-minded. Not the Georgia of peaches and the American South. This is the Republic of Georgia that straddles Europe and Asia, the Georgia of the former USSR, the Georgia that’s home to the Caucasus Mountains: an incredibly unique East-West range of nearly endless, and largely unexplored, vertical. These mountains are a 200 mile long, 50 mile wide spine, cranking to Mt. Elbrus’ heaven-brushing 18,510 ft., that draws a sharp topographical line between the Black and Caspian seas. It was the idea of these mountains that inspired a team of Bozeman-based buddies to plan–and execute–the ski trip of dreams. Imagine: a stopover in Istanbul; mountain travel by old Soviet-era cargo helicopter; cocktails and turns with the President of the country; a beach day on the Black Sea; a swing through Engelberg on the way home; days upon days of pillow lines; exploring a strange and new place, of deeply embedded history and geography.

We were so impressed by the vision of this trip that we outfitted the guys with both prototype and production Mystery Ranch packs, to help them safely on their way. Sometimes, the best way to tell a story is through the images that story inspires. Enjoy.

-Mystery Ranch-

Fuze packs, lined up and waiting for transport

Belly of the Beast

Pilot's Eye View

Kyle Taylor

Blackjack Airbag Pack

Kyle Taylor, Faceshot Imminent


Kyle Taylor On Another Kind of Descent

Mapping and Pointing

The Black Sea: Not Exactly Sandy

Representing Mystery Ranch and BombSnow: a Motley Bunch

Joey Weamer. Turns Out Snow Safety is Snow Safety the World Over.

Phil Behind the Lens

Kyle Taylor Blowing Up Smoke

KT, Airborne

Engelberg, 7,000 ft of Vert.

Wells, with Large Rocks

Andrew Wells, Tapping the Source. Next stop, home.