Unleashing Innovation in Waterproof Gear: Exploring the MYSTERY RANCH HIGH WATER Series

Published 2023-08-01

Calling all gearheads and adrenaline adventure enthusiasts. We are on a never-ending quest to create gear that not only meets the needs of our customers but also blows theirs minds with its sheer performance and innovation. We recently introduced our HIGH WATER Series, our new waterproof collection that’s ready to ride the waves and keep your belongings soaring high and dry. Prepare to dive right in as we unveil the features, technology, and versatility of each of the six bad boys in the HIGH WATER Series.

The Tech

Meticulously engineered with an unwavering commitment to watertight perfection, the HIGH WATER Series sets the bar sky-high. Through innovative construction methods, materials, and trims, this collection of packs and accessories excels in the elements and stands up to daily use.

Fabric Selection

After much research, the MYSTERY RANCH team handpicked the ultimate fabric for the HIGH WATER Series: the rugged 840d ballistic nylon, fortified with a double-sided TPU coating. This combination not only ensures unrivaled waterproofness, but also showcases unparalleled resilience against abrasions, tears, and extreme temperatures. Come rain or shine, high or low temperatures, this fabric remains flexible and ready for any adventure that comes your way.

Construction Wizardry

The MYSTERY RANCH Product and Development Team harnessed the power of RF welding, a technique also known as High-Frequency Welding. Through the application of radio frequency energy, materials fuse together, forming airtight and waterproof seams. Unlike traditional sewing methods, RF welding eradicates the need for puncturing holes in the fabric, resulting in seams that exceed the strength of the material itself.

Revolutionary Zipper Technology

In our relentless pursuit of creating a durable and user-friendly bag opening, we have seamlessly integrated TRUZip® technology. This cutting-edge sliding zipper assembly has revolutionized the industry with its toothless design, ensuring noiseless operation while offering unrivaled protection against dust, water, and submersion. By incorporating TRUZip®, it has elevated our packs from being merely water-resistant to truly water-submersible, providing an unparalleled level of assurance for safeguarding your belongings.

“During the development of the HIGH WATER collection, it was essential to find and qualify a waterproof zipper. We selected the NiteIze TRUZip® not only for its ability to deliver a watertight seal but also for its innovative self-healing properties.”

-Emily Fay, Product Development Manager.

Overview of the HIGH WATER Series


Most Common Uses: Fishing, Hiking, & Outings on the Town

The HIGH WATER HIP PACK ensures absolute protection for your essentials, making it perfect for any adventure. Whether you’re throwing flies, floating the river, or attending a concert, this cross-over body/hip pack provides a simple solution for ultimate protection.

It was also named the #1 Best Dry Bag for Boating, Overlanding, and everything in between by Men’s Journal.


  • Padded 1.5″ waist belt with PALS webbing for MOLLE attach accessories
  • 1.5″ wide removable adjustable shoulder strap
  • Padded body panel
  • Front stormproof zippered pocket
  • Heavy-duty reinforced zip pull tabs


Most Common Uses: Commuting, Traveling, Hiking, & Camping

The MYSTERY RANCH HIGH WATER FLIP is designed for any mission, from the coffee shop to the trailhead. With a floating computer sleeve and vented lid pocket, this pack seamlessly transitions between office settings and outdoor excursions.


  • Classic flip-top lid opening
  • Fixed harnessing with padded shoulders and body panel
  • Vented lid pocket
  • Floating, padded sleeve fits laptops up to 15″
  • Side to back compression straps
  • Internal compression straps1

In the Field:

“There’s something cool about getting back to the boat ramp or dock and you’re the only one who has dry gear. That’s what it’s like since I’ve been rocking these MYSTERY RANCH bags. From the salt flats of Mexico to the rushing waters of the Colorado, to my students spilling gatorade over my bag, still dry. I really enjoy the simplicity and color. Not flashy and it gets the job done proficiently. Like me and like you.”

-Eeland Stribbing

Confidence, function, and style anywhere


Bass fishing pro Brian Latimer brought out his competitive side when putting his HIGH WATER FLIP & HIP PACK to the test. Did he really ruin $2,000 in fishing tackle?


Most Common Uses: Whitewater Rafting, Travel, & Commuting

Ready for any adventure, the HIGH WATER DUFFEL fits perfectly on your Overload® feature or stands alone for land or water travel. It offers multi-use shoulder straps, quick-access mesh pockets, and reinforced daisy chains to keep you organized.


  • Built to fit on any MR Overload® pack (Guide Light MT™ or Terraframe packs)
  • Shoulder straps that can be swapped from duffel to backpack configuration
  • Large 3D zippered mesh side pockets
  • Large end handles
  • Heavy-duty reinforced daisy chains
  • Internal compression straps


Most Common Uses: Kayaking,Boating, & River+ Ocean Excursions

The HIGH WATER FORAGER is the newest waterproof accessory in the MYSTERY RANCH lineup. Ideal for the river or backcountry, it keeps your small accessories protected from the elements while helping you stay organized.


  • Built with 840d ballistic nylon with double-sided TPU coating for waterproofness, high-abrasion & tear resistance, high-temp resistance, and low-temp flexibility.
  • TRU® Zip is the first-ever sliding, toothless, silent, dust-proof, waterproof submersible, self-healing complete zipper assembly.
  • The RF welded construction creates high-strength fused, leak-proof seams for durable, long-lasting total waterproofness.
  • MOLLE attach


Most Common Uses: Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Commuting, & Travel

Designed for seamless transitions from the paddleboard to the patio, the HIGH WATER SHOULDER BAG features a front stormproof zipper for easy access and reliable protection. This multi-use, user-friendly bag is perfect for any street-worthy adventure.


  • 1.5″ wide removable adjustable shoulder strap
  • Front stormproof zippered pocket
  • Internal zippered pocket
  • Heavy-duty reinforced daisy chains
  • Internal compression straps


Most Common Uses: Hunting & Backpacking Trips

The fully waterproof HIGH WATER LID adds an extra layer of protection to your most essential gear, ensuring it stays dry regardless of your backcountry pursuits.


  • Attaches to any MR Guide Light MT™ or Terraframe pack
  • Removable adjustable accessory strap included
  • Double zippered compartment lid built to wrap around even the most awkward load
  • Butterfly hinge between pockets
  • Heavy-duty reinforced zip pull tabs

Versatile Usage Scenarios

The HIGH WATER Series caters to a wide range of users:

  • Outdoor enthusiasts can rely on these packs for hiking, camping, and other adventure activities, ensuring their gear remains dry and secure even in unpredictable weather conditions.
  • Commuters can protect their laptops, documents, and valuable items from rain or accidental spills during their daily travels.
  • Students benefit from the waterproof feature, safeguarding their books, notebooks, and electronics on rainy days or when navigating puddles.
  • Travelers can trust the HIGH WATER Series to keep their essentials protected during journeys, whether they encounter sudden downpours or engage in water-based activities such as boat rides or beach visits.

Additionally, the waterproof backpack collection is well-suited for kayaking, canoeing, and water sports, providing a reliable solution to keep personal items dry while enjoying aquatic adventures.

The MYSTERY RANCH HIGH WATER Series represents the pinnacle of innovation and functionality in water-centric adventure gear. With its waterproof construction, smart storage solutions, and customizable designs, this collection is built to withstand the rigors of water-based activities while keeping your gear safe and dry.