New Mystery Ranch Adventure Backpacks

Published 2014-04-15

We are excited to launch three new packs today, all designed by Dana’s son, D3. With backpacks in his blood, D3 designs with deep respect for and understanding of the history of pack building, and strives to improve on the classics using innovative materials and a fresh perspective on his father’s brand.

Designing packs for Adventure has been at the heart of my work since I first tried to trick out a custom version of one of Dana’s originals. Pack bags give me room to play as a designer, but the frame is hallowed ground since my dad takes pride in his frames above all else. I knew that whatever change I made was going to have to be a big step forward. Years of exploration and testing have lead me to understand basic elements, strip away the extra, and re-craft a frame that carries a load better, is more comfortable and lets people forget about a user’s manual.

Designer, Dana “D3” Gleason

The Rush, Swift, and Big Mountain represent a new direction for Mountain packs from Mystery Ranch. D3 has completely redesigned our redirect waist belt for this line, the futura-style yoke is more streamlined, and his new frame has been built to integrate with the waist belt to provide unparalleled weight transfer and all-day comfort. Essentially, these packs have the structural integrity of bags twice their size, allowing the user a much greater range of options when packing and best-in-class carrying ability.

The new waist belt system features integrated stash pockets and is completely removable, giving the pack greater versatility when travelling, climbing or thru-hiking. The geometry is based off of our Contour waist belt, featured on larger packs like the Glacier and Terraplane, but streamlined for more agility on smaller packs. The frame is built on two vertical and one horizontal fiberglass stays and an aluminum lumbar stay for burly support in a light weight package.




The Rush and Swift bothfeature our signature 3-zip design and two separate lid-pockets for optimal organization and gear access. The Swift also has D3’s innovative update on the long pocket -he has embedded them into the main compartment – providing additional external storage but maintaining the pack’s low profile silhouette.


The Big Mountain introduces the Split-Shroud – allowing it to function as a traditional top-loader with access similar to our 3-zip designs. The center zip runs the length of pack and up through the shroud itself, giving the user complete control over storage and access options.


We are excited to bring these innovative new products to our fans in the United States. Originally designed for our Japanese customers, all three packs will be built at our plant at the historic Clark Field airbase in the Philippines, where, since 2012, we have been building military grade products for the Australian Army and other customers who do not require full Berry compliance. We’ve spent years perfecting our quality standards and controls to produce consistently in multiple locations, so all of our packs built at Clark Field are fully interchangeable with components built in the United States. Ranchers are on location at every MR production facility to provide a guiding hand in all aspects of production so you can be guaranteed that the quality and durability that you’ve come to expect from us will not change regardless of where your pack was built. If you have any questions about our Clark Field production, please visit our FAQ, or feel free to call us at (406)585.1428.

We’ll be launching more new products in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


Update: September 22, 2014 – product video is live!

Mystery Ranch | New Adventure Series | Rush_Swift_Big Mountain from Mystery Ranch on Vimeo.