MYSTERY RANCH will be hosting the First Annual Repair Rendezvous, an event where Bozeman locals can bring in old bags and packs to be repaired.

In addition to pack repair, there will also be free food and beverages, a silent auction, custom YETI cups, and other fun activities.

Repair Details:

Our warranty/repair team can only fix packs and bags, we are unable to fix other types of gear like tents, sleeping bags, clothes, etc.

We will try our best to fix other brand’s packs, but will not hold them longer than the event.

We will do our best to functionally repair your gear, but may not be able to save everything. We are happy to evaluate damage and suggest further options.

Repair Process:

Every pack and repair are different, our experienced staff will evaluate and prioritize each item in line with our resources and timeline for the event. We will do our best to help as many folks as possible at the event, but cannot guarantee every item will be fixed.

Mystery Ranch bags that aren't fixed at the event, or that will take too long to repair that day, will be put into our repair queue to be repaired and returned ASAP


Saturday, June 15th


1750 Evergreen Dr
Bozeman, MT 59715