Father’s Day Gift Guide

Published 2023-05-29

Alright, listen up! Father’s Day is just around the bend, and it’s time to honor the legendary figure in your life – your old man. From hunting expeditions to outdoor debauchery and everyday shenanigans, MYSTERY RANCH has the gear that matches your dad’s wild soul. Get ready to make Father’s Day one for the books with our Father’s Day gift guide.



For the Hunting Dad

If your dad is an avid hunter, the METCALF is a game-changer. Designed with the needs of hunters in mind, this pack is perfect for day hunts or extended trips. With its expandable design and multiple pockets, the METCALF backpack provides ample space for all of Dad’s hunting essentials. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the rugged terrain, just like your dad does. Get your dad equipped with this backpack and watch him conquer the wild with confidence.


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For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Is your dad always seeking outdoor adventures? The BRIDGER 45 and COULEE 40 are the perfect companions for hiking or outdoor escapades. The BRIDGER 45 backpack offers a larger capacity, ideal for overnight trips (if he gets permission to hide out in the woods for a couple of days), while the COULEE series is perfect for day hikes while still providing ample room for all of his toys. Both packs provide comfort, durability, and functionality, allowing your dad to explore the trails with ease. With their thoughtful designs and robust features, these backpacks will fuel his passion for outdoor exploration.

BRIDGER 35 & 45



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For Everyday or Travel

Even when your dad is not out conquering mountains, he still needs a reliable and versatile backpack for everyday adventures. The 3 WAY EXPANDABLE BRIEFCASE and MISSION ROVER are perfect for his daily grind or travel adventures.

The 3 WAY EXPANDABLE BRIEFCASE is not your average briefcase. It’s a versatile beast that adapts to your dad’s ever-changing needs. With its expandable design, this bad boy can accommodate everything from laptops and documents to extra clothes and gadgets. The multiple carrying options allow your dad to carry it as a briefcase, shoulder bag, or backpack, depending on his mood and the situation.


Now, let’s talk about the MISSION ROVER backpack. This thing is an absolute game-changer for dads on the move. It’s spacious enough to hold all the essentials, plus a few extras your dad might sneak in. The bag features multiple compartments and pockets to keep things organized and easily accessible. Whether he’s dashing through crowded airports or exploring unfamiliar cities, the MISSION ROVER ensures your dad stays stylish and efficient. And let’s not forget about the durable materials and weather-resistant construction, because we all know how unpredictable life can be.


These MYSTERY RANCH options provide organizational features and durability, ensuring your dad is prepared for anything.

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So, there you have it. This Father’s Day, surprise your old man with some kickass gear from MYSTERY RANCH. Whether he’s chasing after elusive game, exploring the great outdoors, or simply rocking the daily chaos like a boss, MYSTERY RANCH has the perfect gear to match his adventurous spirit. And remember, dads do it all for us, so let’s show them some love and appreciation, even if it means enduring their cringeworthy dance moves or their questionable fashion choices. Happy Father’s Day to all the extraordinary dads out there – let the adventures continue!