Father’s Day Gift Guide

Published 2024-05-08

This Father’s Day, forget ties and socks – it’s time to treat the most important man in your life to gear that matches his adventurous spirit. At MYSTERY RANCH, we know dads come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share one thing in common: a thirst for excitement and a love of the great outdoors.

Whether your dad is a hardcore hiker, a passionate hunter, or just a guy who loves a good tailgate party, we’ve got the perfect gear to make him feel like the King of the Wild this Father’s Day.



For the Hunting Dad

If your dad is an avid hunter, the METCALF Series from MYSTERY RANCH is a game-changer. Designed with the needs of multiple hunting pursuits in mind, this versatile line of packs is perfect for day hunts or extended backcountry excursions, with size offerings of 50L, 75L, and 100L. Crafted from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of the rugged terrain, the METCALF Series is built to keep up with your dad’s adventurous spirit, no matter where the hunt takes him.

METCALF 50 in Buckskin

And for those whitetail fanatics, the TREEHOUSE Series was designed specifically for treestand and saddle hunters. These innovative packs can be easily strapped around a tree trunk, and specialized fabric engineered to minimize noise keeps him stealthy

TREEHOUSE 20 in Wood

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For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Is your dad always seeking new outdoor challenges? Well, MYSTERY RANCH has the perfect gear to fuel his adventurous spirit. The all-new RADIX Series is a game-changer for the dad who counts every gram. Incredibly lightweight yet built to last, this pack is ready to go the distance, whether he’s tackling a grueling summit push or a fast-paced day hike.

RADIX 47 in White

If your dad enjoys a wider range of activities, the SCREE is the ultimate versatile companion. This pack seamlessly transitions from peak to ice climb to even a ski lap or two, making it the perfect choice for the dad who loves to mix it up.

SCREE 33 in White

And for the casual outdoor enthusiast, the latest GALLAGATOR Series is ideal for everything from quick trail blazes to daily commutes. This new lineup has something for everyone with fresh colors, lightweight recycled materials, pocketed shoulder pads, and four sizes to choose from.

GALLAGATOR 20 in Gravel

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For Everyday or Travel

Whether your dad’s traveling or navigating everyday adventures, he deserves a backpack that’s as reliable and versatile as he is. These MYSTERY RANCH options provide organizational features and durability, ensuring your dad is prepared for any mission.

The 3 WAY 27 is not your average briefcase. It’s a versatile powerhouse that seamlessly adjusts to your dad’s dynamic lifestyle. Its expandable design effortlessly accommodates everything from laptops and documents to spare clothes and gadgets. With multiple carrying options, Dad can switch between using it as a briefcase, shoulder bag, or backpack, adapting to his mood and the demands of the situation. Available in both 18L and 27L capacities, it will meet his every need.


The CATALYST is our signature everyday carry 3-ZIP. Available in 18L, 22L, and 26L sizes, with a plethora of color options tailored to every dad’s unique style. Each pack features a convenient top lid for storing essentials and a dedicated laptop sleeve to keep their tech organized.

CATALYST 22 in Mineral Gray

The MISSION ROVER is a total game-changer for dads constantly on the go. With ample space to accommodate all necessities and even a few extra items your dad might slip in, this bag boasts multiple compartments and pockets for seamless organization and quick access. Whether he’s navigating bustling airports or discovering new cities, the MISSION ROVER guarantees your dad remains both stylish and efficient.

MISSION ROVER 45 in Wood Waxed

When it comes to your daily forays into the urban jungle, the DISTRICT PRO is one of those bags that’s going to work with him, not against him, bringing greater efficiency to his daily routine. Its array of pockets offers ergonomic storage space for everything from smaller items like pens, keys, and phones to larger necessities like a laptop or notebook.


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This Father’s Day, treat your dad to some top-notch gear from MYSTERY RANCH. Whether he’s tracking elusive game, venturing into the wilderness, or simply conquering the daily grind like a pro, MYSTERY RANCH has the ideal gear to complement his adventurous nature. Cheers to all the amazing dads out there