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A hip pack to get the monkey off your back!

The HIP MONKEY’s exterior is deceptively trim, but it can easily swallow an extra layer, phone, water bottle, keys, wallet, thermos, etc. It accommodates up to six golf discs or even a six pack of bottles. The waist belt is designed for an efficient fit whether on the hips or diagonally over the shoulder.

  • These bags feature the same design principles and durability that MYSTERY RANCH is known for and are built to survive the harshest commute, wherever that may be.
  • Specially designed waist belt for carry around the hips or over the shoulder
  • Compressions straps
  • Detail pocket with keychain clip
  • 500D CORDURA® fabric
  • YKK® zippers
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WS19 Hip Monkey-Galaxy888564178973
WS19 Hip Monkey-Dark Khaki888564169605
WS19 Hip Monkey-Forest888564178966
WS19 Hip Monkey-Shadow888564178997
WS19 Hip Monkey-Multicam888564162682
WS19 Hip Monkey-Henna888564178980
WS19 Hip Monkey-Black888564178959
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488 cu-in

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Very handy and awesome quality!


to put it simple this is a great bag. i have purchased two of them and i take them every time i go camping, in one of them i carry all my camping essentials, like small solar panel, insect repelant, water filters, batteries, head lamp, small saw, compass, cordage, etc. and the other one i use it to carry my cooking kit. my little mugs/pots and my stove with fuel canister and fire starting aids. i carry one on my waist and the other inside my pack. they work great. you can fit a decent amount of stuff in them and they are comfortable to carry and the materials are very resistant and good quality. I even use one of them as my personal item to carry stuff on the plane instead of a backpack when i travel. And they look awesome too. i really recommend this bag and its really worth getting. that is if you can get one, because every time i check they are sold out! i totally recommend this product.

Great Bag on your hip.


Very durable hip bag that can carry a handy amount of stuff. I use it to carry tools while climbing for work. Have had it for about a year now and have had zero complaints. The belt clasp is strong and the belt itself is wide enough to provide secure distribution of the load without binding. If you are on the fence about buying this bag I suggest you do yourself a favor and pick up the Hip Monkey, you won't be disappointed.

Versatile bum bag


This is a great bum bag made by the Ranch, it has traveled with me everywhere around the world. It is low profile but can be expanded, distribute weight balance perfectly regardless of worn around the waist (dorky but proven), chest (not so dorky, in fact "cool" in Asia), or shoulder (not the most comfortable). Plenty of pockets, organizer, and adjustability for different purpose.

Mine is very old and has detachable shoulder strap, but I'd assume it is still identical in principle with the 2015 model...

Great For Day Hunting/Day Hiking


I had my eye one this for quite some time and finally pulled the trigger not too long ago. Upon opening the box I was pleased with the construction of the product. I have put it to use and have been pleased as well. The materials are tough and the zippers are solid. The Hip Monkey has a main pouch with a "sealed" zipper, with an internal zippered pouch within. The main pouch is roomy enough to fit a small water bottle, binoculars, gps, snacks, and a compact rain jacket fairly comfortably. Game tags, extra batteries, and a compass are currently within the internal pocket. There is an external pocket as well, which can hold a knife, sharpener, headlamp, flashlight and other miscellaneous items quite comfortably well. What I am trying to get across here is that this thing is fairly roomy, which was an unexpected surprise. The external compression straps are a nice feature as well, but I don't foresee myself ever cranking them down much. The back pad is padded and the pack is comfortable to wear. My main gripe about the pack is that MR should have put a key ring in the internal pocket (on all of their packs as well) but that is just a minor issue. Overall, great quality, domestically made, affordable, roomy, and comfortable. Nice design MR.

Awesome Little Bag


I love the hip monkey for short outings and hikes where a backpack is overkill. Perfect size for 1-2L of water, snacks/lunch, wallet, cellphone, maybe a small jacket. Just took it on a scrabble following a creek up a rugged canyon in the desert, using it as a hip pack. It was very comfortable and secure, didn’t really notice it was there and certainly didn’t miss the sweaty back routine. For biking around the city I wear it bandolier style as it’s a bit more urban fashionable. Still, for half-days hikes or in cooler seasons when you don’t have to haul a lot of water, I am a convert to waist packs because of this little guy. The description is correct, it is deceptively roomy and expands and contracts well. Like all MR stuff, is exceptionally well made.

My only criticism of the bag is that the straps flop all over the place. For the main waist/shoulder strap (2”) and for the compression straps (1”) I used these:
Not a big deal for me, I like customizing things, but seems like it would be a good idea if MR added the slides or keepers for at least the main strap in the future.

That said, awesome bag and a great price.