The First Day of the Rest of the Season.

So after a few injury laden weeks from an episode involving a stubborn tree and my hip, I finally made it back into the mountains. Tradeshows brought me down to Denver for SIA and Salt Lake City for OR, to ride some pow with my good friend Jay Beyer ( The Wasatch doesn’t disappoint even […]

“Seacat Season” Slideshow


Behind the Pack – The Artistic Talents of Some of our Mystery Ranch Employees

Your Mystery Ranch backpack arrives and it is a dream pack, sturdy and well built. Behind each pack is a crew of super skilled production employees, who meticulously hand-make and inspect each product that Mystery Ranch produces. The design was originally created, then prototypes were tested. The fabric is hand-cut, the pack is hand-sewn, the […]

2010 – A Year For Me to Remember

As my 2010 hunting year comes to a close, I know I have been blessed with many opportunities and more than my share of success. In visiting with Mark Seacat, he asked if I wanted to write a short blog about my hunts. I’m certainly not much of a writer but I have a lot […]

Steven Drake’s 2010 Montana Hunting Season Slideshow


My Rifle Gives Me Little Advantage

The elk have moved out of the high country and into the thick and dense low lands. The bulls are grouping up and have quit bugling. My sight and sound advantage has been taken away. A positive attitude and the liklihood of snow are all I’ve got now. This year I’ve been blessed with drawing […]

Preston Edwards. A Hunting Industry Insider’s view on the Crew Cab

I’ll admit, I had my doubts when Mark Seacat of Mystery Ranch Packs started his sales pitch about how great his packs are. I have tried a lot of packs and liked very few of them over the years, and I didn’t expect much different out of these ones. Mark wouldn’t back down though, and […]

2010 Montana Archery Antelope Hunt – VIDEO

The learning curve in hunting as an archer is steep. Many seasons of spot and stalk techniques have left me close but empty handed. After years of hard work and persistence, I was fortunate enough to harvest my first Pronghorn Antelope with archery equipment. This short video documents my first two weeks of the season […]

Big Fish and Lasting Memories

Sockeye Salmon on Lake Creek 21 years ago in April, while my mother was in labor with me, my dad was out fly fishing the Missouri River. Perhaps I was born to fish. When I turned 21, I held my dad to a ten year 21st birthday promise – we’d go to Alaska for a […]

Camp Patriot’s Summit Challenge 2010

Mystery Ranch is proud to have sponsored Camp Patriot’s 4th annual Summit Challenge, an attempt by 4 disabled veterans climb 14,411 ft. Mt Rainier in Washington’s portion of the Cascade Range. As part of the marketing team at Mystery Ranch, we went along to outfit the veterans and organizers with U.S built backpacks, and to […]