How to Stay Warm When Backpacking in the Cold

By: Zach Lazzari Backpacking through the summer months rarely requires a serious cold-weather strategy. While an occasional snowstorm might surprise backpackers, the midday sunshine typically eliminates the discomfort. Negative temperatures and challenging cold weather tend to arrive in the fall and continue through spring. Backpackers, hunters and explorers can extend their seasons in the backcountry […]

The Holiday OVERLOAD(ed) Survival Guide: Three ways to GTFO for a Different Kind of Cheer

It’s that time of year, the most wonderful time. Kid’s jingle belling and everyone telling you to be of good cheer. But is it REALLY the most wonderful time of the year? With over 20 major events globally between November and February, let’s be honest – we are OVERLOAD(ed). There are plenty of resources online […]

My Gear for a 3-day Backpacking Trip with Sam Alexander

By: Zach Lazzari Three days is the ideal time frame for many backpackers. It fits into a long weekend but allows for enough time to dig deep and push some limits. You can barebones an overnighter, but adding a few days requires extra planning for clothing, sleep systems and food. I sat down with Sam […]

Meet Green Beret Veteran Sam Alexander

Sam Alexander is a veteran of the U.S. Army who served as a Green Beret (Special Forces). After returning home from the Army, he got a business degree to benefit his native tribe, the Gwich’in. The Gwich’in are the northernmost Indian Nation living in fifteen small villages scattered across a vast area extending from northeast […]

Love is King: Operation ROAM

Love is King aims to eliminate fear and establish safety for Black, Indigenous, and all people of color in the outdoors. L.I.K. is committed to creating a reimagined outdoor environment focused on participation, representation, and inspiration. Historically, BIPOC voices have not always been invited to government spaces, especially where decisions are made about land, wildlife, […]

Lightening the Load

How the MYSTERY RANCH OVERLOAD® feature helps you haul more and hurt less. Load Carriage™ is the cornerstone of the MYSTERY RANCH design philosophy; it’s at the core of what makes our packs different. We specialize in building packs that adapt to awkward and changeable loads. Origins: OVERLOAD® is the conception story of the patented […]

Backcountry Meals From Military Missions to the Arctic Circle: Part 4

Photo by: Dudley Edmondson By: Zach Lazzari Running backcountry expeditions around the globe calls for a simplified approach to enjoying and appreciating a few flavors. Just ask Chad Brown, MYSTERY RANCH ambassador and founder of Soul River Inc., as well as Love is King. He runs multiple outdoor-based non-profit organizations while organizing and leading expeditions […]

Three Phases of a Traveling Whitetail Hunt

By: Hunting Ambassador, Sam Soholt Traveling to hunt whitetail in a new location is daunting, but that’s what makes it so rewarding. It forces you out of your comfort zone, and I’d argue that it will also make you a better hunter overall. I have been a nomadic hunter for the last ten years and […]

Backcountry Meals with Dietary Restrictions: Part 3

By: Hope Gately Backpacking in the backcountry takes immense planning: routes, gear, and food planning must all be considered. When an adventurer has dietary restrictions, it adds another layer to the preparation process. Luckily, dietary concerns don’t have to hold you back or cramp your style. MYSTERY RANCH caught up with Hunting Ambassador Randy Newberg […]

Backcountry Meals, Snacks and Fire Safety: Part 2

By: Hope Gately Cooking food in the backcountry is one of the most enjoyable aspects of backpacking. However, as wildfires continue to grow in frequency and scale, particularly in the arid western and southwestern states, all backpackers need to have a fundamental understanding of fire safety. We’ve asked MYSTERY RANCH’s Fire Ambassador Sasha Berleman, director […]