Chef Eduardo Garcia’s Holiday Table: Elk Tongue Sliders with Sauerkraut & Chimichurri

Oh, the tongue, you noble muscle you. Functional in every breath, taste and experience, the tongue is unavoidable. And yet little celebrated and rarely seen is the tongue on our modern fare. Versatile and equally toothsome eaten raw as a tartare, smoked, pickled or slow cooked as I do here.

Chef Eduardo Garcia’s Holiday Table: Carp Croquettes

Across the globe, fried fish has always held a crunchy yet fluffy soft spot in my heart. Here in Montana, we have abundant fish resources that are both delicious to our palate and in some cases necessary to be harvested. This recipe works well with any flaky fish be it trout, halibut, snapper or in this case, invasive Carp.

Chef Eduardo Garcia’s Holiday Table: Wild Carpaccio

This recipe—carpaccio—goes back to me being 18 in a big-city restaurant. That was the first time I saw someone eating raw red meat. It’s encouraging us to understand the animal in its most raw place—past death, sitting there in an opportunity zone—and carpaccio celebrates those little pieces that you’re told to trim off.

What I Wish I Knew Before Hunting Out West

As someone who grew up in the Southeast, my understanding of big game hunting was sitting in a tree for hours in hopes that a good buck would manifest out of the brush and give me a clear shot. With this background, my first western hunt felt more akin to being dropped on Mars than the cruisy spot and stalk mule deer hunt I had planned on.

Celebrating Public Lands Month with Those Who Are at the Front Line of Public Land Protection

This month, we're celebrating the beauty and wonder of our Public Lands while giving well-deserved recognition to the invaluable nonprofit organizations dedicated to preserving these precious natural treasures.

Celebrating Public Lands Month with Those Who Use Them Well

This month, we are celebrating the beauty and wonder of our Public Lands, and the countless individuals who cherish and protect these precious natural treasures. We all have our unique journeys in building personal relationships with these natural wonders, and we are honored to have our products be a part of those journeys.

The all-new CATALYST Series: Staying True to MYSTERY RANCH’S Heritage with Conscious Material Choices

Introducing the CATALYST Series by MYSTERY RANCH – a multi-use everyday 3-ZIP design while seamlessly integrating modern construction techniques for a rejuvenated and sleek aesthetic.

Breaking Down the Backpack – 7 Parameters for Choosing the Right Backpack for Your Next Mountain Hunt

Sheep hunters are gear obsessed. There are few gear choices in the sheep hunter’s kit that get researched, tested, and mulled over more than backpacks and choosing the right pack is highly personal and varies greatly among hunting styles, body types, and personal preferences.

Preparing for Hunting Season: Ethics 101

Montana has a rich, diverse history of hunting for community, subsistence, and resource management. Today’s hunters tend to be dedicated conservationists and deeply connected to nature. Here are a few things to keep in mind when sharing public trails this fall.

Unleashing Innovation in Waterproof Gear: Exploring the MYSTERY RANCH HIGH WATER Series

We recently introduced our HIGH WATER Series, our new waterproof collection that’s ready to ride the waves and keep your belongings soaring high and dry. Prepare to dive right in as we unveil the features, technology, and versatility of each of the six bad boys in the HIGH WATER Series.