9 Reasons Why the BRIDGER Series Should be Your Next Backpacking Pack

When we set out to make our new BRIDGER Series line of backpacking packs, we had one goal in mind – make life better on the trail. To achieve that goal, we went to the drawing board to rethink our approach to pack design.

Built For: Her

This month, we are celebrating the women who build our packs, and the women we build them for.

Get Your Gear Ready for the Season with: Tim Hoffer

Our North American Hunting Sales Manager, Tim Hoffer has done is fair share of testing MYSTERY RANCH out in the field. Read on to discover his areas of focus for ensuing a safe and successful hunting season, as well as his preferred gear list that stays on him at all times.

Backcountry Safety and Communications Part 1: Simple Guidelines to Keep Things Safe Out There

by John Huston & Zach Reeves Mystery Ranch Ambassadors Background: John is a polar explorer, cold weather expert, and a safety and logistics manager. Zach is a former Special Operations Forces (SOF) team member, Reconnaissance Marine, and military intelligence expert. We both run companies that train SOF personnel. From time to time we work together […]

The Six Biggest Mistakes That Beginner Backpackers Make

Despite growing up in North Carolina—a state with plenty to see and do outdoors—MYSTERY RANCH ambassador Andrea Cannon wasn’t much of a hiker or backpacker until she and her husband moved to Salt Lake City for his surgical residency. It was there that her interest in the outdoors quickly blossomed. Before long, she was hiking […]

Hunting Preparedness: To-Do’s in the Off-Season

How preparing for hunting in the off-season can result in a successful hunt. Tips from Lindsey Brown-Davis for a year-after-year checklist to increase your chances of a successful hunting season.

What is the Ultimate Backpack?

By: Zach Lazzari I’m a gear junkie. That’s a problem because I live on the road full-time. Saving space in my camper is critical, which is why choosing the perfect backpack is so important to me. I can only carry one backpack and prefer something that will handle ultralight overnight trips but also has the […]

The Importance of Recreating in Small Towns

By Brand Ambassador, Lindsey Davis Ouray, Colorado, is a hidden gem. Boasting to be the ‘Switzerland of America,’ it’s an old mining town and a gateway to southern Colorado’s stunning San Juan Mountains. The nearly 1,000 person population experiences such extreme seasons that there is historically a stark shut down during the winter. That was […]

Good Luck Bucks

By: Paul Kemper Traditions take many forms. For some, it’s opening day deer camp at the family cabin. For others, it’s meeting at the end of the year to catch up on the season’s hunts. For Montana natives Doug Krings and Dan McMaster, it’s been chasing critters with a stick and string. This year, Doug, […]

How to Stay Warm When Backpacking in the Cold

By: Zach Lazzari Backpacking through the summer months rarely requires a serious cold-weather strategy. While an occasional snowstorm might surprise backpackers, the midday sunshine typically eliminates the discomfort. Negative temperatures and challenging cold weather tend to arrive in the fall and continue through spring. Backpackers, hunters and explorers can extend their seasons in the backcountry […]