New Mexico Backpack

After three summer months of New Mexico’s 95-plus degree heat I’d had enough and needed some relief. Luckily, even though New Mexico is in large part a desert, the north central part of the state is dominated by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, parts of which feature a series of 13,000 foot peaks and some […]

Camp Patriot Celebrates Its 6th Annual Rainier Summit Bid

Camp Patriot 2012 Summit Challenge Tim and I summited Mt Rainier in July of this year with 2 men wounded in war. One had a prosthetic leg above the knee, the other, 2 carbon fiber braces supporting his legs that had been violently destroyed. They summited a 14,000 foot peak, whose average summit success […]

Kyle Taylor Profile : Implement Productions

Our friend Phil Baribeau just launched his new site, Implement Productions. Check out his profile on Mystery Ranch Athlete, Kyle Taylor. [vimeo][/vimeo]

Athlete Steve Popovich 2011-2012 Ski Edit

Athlete Steve Popovich shreds. Hard. Watch his full 2012 season edit here! [vimeo][/vimeo]

American River Hot Shots

The American River Hot Shots operate out of Forest Hill, California, and have been carrying the Hot 3 since 2010. Designed and built specifically for the long days, heavy loads, and intensive labor that are givens in the job, our packs can now be found on the majority of the Nation’s 110 Hotshot Crews, logging countless […]

Mystery Ranch Front Loader Pack Outfitted for Smokejumping

Editors note: Just last week, in the local market, I ran into our buddy Sam Cox. He’d just finished PT, and was within weeks of returning to McCall for another season of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes to swing a tool at the dirt ringing fires of all sizes. Fire season has its rhythms, […]

Monumental Elegance

The desert has always inspired me with its clean crisp air and the stark contrast between the iron red dirt and cerulean sky. A time in my life existed where I would go to places like these for weeks at a time, climbing and soaking in the surroundings, while living virtually on pennies. Though it […]

Ski RV Video – Road Trip to Revelstoke

[vimeo][/vimeo] See more at

The Wolf Days of Winter

BY: MATT CLYDE Randy Newberg, of On Your Own Adventures, called and asked if I would be a guest hunter on his show for a Montana wolf hunt. I was excited and thankful that he would call me to join him, especially considering I had zero wolf hunting experience. Randy and I talked, and we both understood […]

6500 In A Year

BY: MARCUS HOCKETT After winning the Mystery Ranch 6500 in the BAYED contest on On Your Own Adventures Forum – Hunt Talk, I’ve been trying to give this pack the workout it deserves. Immediately, this pack became my go-to pack while shed hunting and bear hunting in the spring and carrying the spotting scope and […]