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The commercial version of our standard SOCOM SPEAR issued pack.

The BLACKJACK 80 is an 80 L pack with four external pockets featuring top zips. It has full-length zippers on each side for fast access to the main compartment.

  • The Military Light Frame (MLF) is a rigid yet dynamic system that moves with you. The frame consists of four vertical and three horizontal carbon fiber stays and a reduced fabric panel using a stiffer, more structured CORDURA® Dyneema laminate at the points of connection resulting in shock absorption and increase in the flexibility of the frame. This construction allows the frame to flex with your body, resulting in top-down load transfer to comfortably carry heavy loads. The Futura Yoke easily macro adjusts to the torso length allowing the proper amount of stand-off between the back and frame. And the BVS – Bolstered Ventilation and Stability system– allows for a stable, secure fit over body armor. It also features a Redirect waist belt system that secures in a natural forward pull direction that requires less effort to tighten and with patented features and construction methods, the waist belt cants and conforms over the hips to effectively transfer and distribute the weight eliminating slippage down over the hips. The MLF weighs 2 lbs lighter than its predecessor, the NICE Frame, by using different materials and construction methods and reducing the profile of the wing and belt.
  • The BVS – Bolstered Ventilation and Stability system– allows for a stable, secure fit over body armor.
  • Quick-release Futura Yoke
  • Zipper port for antennae, cables, and hydration access
  • Top-loading access has a spindrift collar
  • Removable lid pocket with 2" straps that enable it to be used as a bolt/E&E pack
  • 1" compression webbing and buckles
  • Built of custom spec’d 500D CORDURA® with Teflon® and PU coatings for maximum durability, UV, and weather protection
  • YKK® zippers
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Blackjack 80-Coyote-M888564172445
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Blackjack 80-Coyote-S888564172438
Blackjack 80-Multicam-XXL888564172322
Blackjack 80-Multicam-S888564172285
Blackjack 80-Multicam-M888564172292
Blackjack 80-Multicam-L888564172308
Blackjack 80-Multicam-XL888564172315
DUNS Number:059122783
8.3 lbs
4880 cu-in
frame system
harnessing style

Made in the USA

Berry Compliant

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Nothing I can get my hands on in Norway even come close...


I've used this pack on a daily basis for like 2 months now, and all I can say is WOW! This is the most comfortable, and thought out pack I've ever carried. Period. I wish the belt buckle was a little bit sturdier, it tend to give after on heavier loads. Not to the point where it fails, but still I wish you would use a heavier one. Everything else one the pack is of supreme quality!

Keep up the good work!

You get what you pay for


I’ve used this pack for about 3 months weigh ins ranging from 45-100 lbs. it’s fantastic. Best ruck I’ve ever used and I’ve used pretty much everything everything. Now I’ve just got to figure out what to do with the other 3 packs I’ve got laying around.