Warriors and Quiet Waters

Military Foundation

Warriors & Quiet Waters empowers post-9/11 combat veterans and their loved ones to thrive and live purpose-driven lives through peak experiences in nature, meaningful relationships, and a sense of community.

To accomplish this, WQW:

  • Serves veterans, their spouses, and military caregivers from all branches of service and across the United States.
  • Offers Built for More, a deep dive program where veterans explore personal growth through nature and fly fishing, supported by a robust, evidence-based, and facilitated guided discovery program.
  • Provides transportation, accommodations, home cooked meals, professional instruction, and a complete fly fishing or hunting set-up for Warriors to keep – all at no cost to the participant.

As a MYSTERY RANCH customer you understand that fly fishing is more than catching fish on a perfectly placed fly. It is about immersing oneself in a repeated series of occasions for hope, the pursuit of something elusive yet attainable, the calming nature of rippling water punctuated by the lyrics of tiny songbirds and a backdrop of rugged mountains.

"The entire team at MYSTERY RANCH has provided amazing knowledge about fitting and using custom packs for backpacking, hunting, and fishing. A critical piece of Warriors & Quiet Waters programming has been passing along outdoor expertise along with quality gear, and we are extremely grateful for the part MYSTERY RANCH plays in providing confidence, meaning, and purpose to the Warriors we serve."

- Jesse LeNeve, WQW's Director of Program Operations