Gallatin Valley Land Trust

Outdoor Foundation

The Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT) connects people to the landscapes that surround us through the conservation of open spaces and the creation of trail systems. GVLT provides spaces for children to get outside, protect habitat for our area’s most iconic wildlife species, keep working farms working, and offer world-class outdoor recreation from our Main Street to the Mountains, and so much more. In short, GVLT preserves the very things that make the Gallatin Valley such a great place to live.

Founded in 1990 by Chris Boyd, a visionary leader who knew that this special place would grow and change. Even back then Chris knew our community needed an organization to partner with landowners to permanently protect the working lands and habitat that make up our scenic open landscape. He also saw a role for a nonprofit to play in bringing organizations, agencies, and landowners together to build a connected trail system for transportation and recreation.

The people that work with GVLT or support GVLT likely do so because they feel connected to this place. Whether they were a born and raised Montanan or came to Montana because of the open spaces and trail system, we all agree that this is a very special place. The community is growing rapidly, and GVLT is thinking ahead to ensure that we retain our unparalleled quality of life and character of our landscape. GVLT can help keep habitat intact, working lands working, trail systems growing, clean water clean and our scenic vistas open forever.

As a nonprofit, GVLT work is funded by generous supporters who contribute time, talents and resources. There are regularly host volunteer trail projects in the summer, as well as events throughout the year for supporters. Check out all the ways you can get involved here!