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Outdoor Product Design & Development is a four-year undergraduate degree program at Utah State University. OPDD is committed to training the next generation of product creators who will make more impactful and sustainable products for the sports and outdoor industries.

Mystery Ranch Diversity in the Outdoor Industry Scholarship benefits students at Utah State University. Applicants must be juniors or seniors with a minimum 3.0 GPA who are enrolled in the OPDD program. Preference may be given to applicants whose life experiences promote diversity and increase opportunities for students from historically underserved populations. Preference is given to non-resident students with a record of volunteerism and/or community involvement.

"The scholarship from Mystery Ranch was instrumental in helping me achieve my academic goals throughout my time at USU. It helped alleviate some of the financial burden, while also allowing me to pick up a minor in operations management and supply chains without having to worry about the added expenses. Thanks to the scholarship it allowed me to focus on my schooling and make the most out of my time at college."

- Baylee Vogler | Class of 2023 | CAAS Valedictorian

MYSTERY RANCH recognizes the value that diversity of background, experience and perspective bring to any endeavor and hope to foster that diversity in the outdoor industry. MYSTERY RANCH feels that the strength of our brand is largely due to the quality and innovation of our products. We appreciate the work that the USU Outdoor Product Development and Design program is doing to prepare new generations of outdoor industry professionals and we want to help create access to this program and the outdoor industry in a way that promotes diversity.

Learn more and donate by visiting: https://caas.usu.edu/opdd/