Wild Montana

Conservation Nonprofit

Since 1958, Wild Montana has been uniting and mobilizing people across Montana, creating and growing a conservation movement around a shared love of wild public lands and waters. They work at the local level, building trust, fostering collaboration, and forging agreements for protecting the wild, enhancing public land access, and helping communities thrive.

Wild Montana’s work has resulted in 16 wilderness areas, the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, and other legislative, administrative, and executive victories that have protected millions of acres of public lands from irresponsible development and degradation.

In recent years, their work has expanded into the State Capitol, where they drive pro-conservation policies that help communities benefit from public lands. It’s expanded to the federal level, where they’re helping make conservation and the health of rural communities priorities for public land management agencies. And they’re doing their part to make public land more accessible and welcoming for all people.

Today, Wild Montana's public lands defense campaigns benefit from a combination of over six decades of grassroots organizing that has built strong relationships that span livelihoods, interests, and viewpoints. Wild Montana supporters are hikers and backpackers, hunters and anglers, skiers and climbers, boaters and bikers, weekend warriors and after-work adventurers like yourself. 

With seven volunteer chapters from Whitefish to Billings, Wild Montana is deeply engaged in Montana communities large and small. These community-based, grassroots relationships are at the core of Wild Montana, combining on-the-ground stewardship and strategic advocacy to fight for a wild and connected Montana. Join Wild Montana in protecting the wild places that you use and love by becoming a member today at wildmontana.org/join!

"We want to express our immense gratitude to MYSTERY RANCH for supporting Wild Montana’s work uniting and mobilizing communities to keep Montana wild. Their investment in our programs allows us to protect the alpine meadows, clear streams, and rugged backcountry that you, as a MYSTERY RANCH customer, enjoy, and recreate in."

- Kate Geranios, Wild Montana Development Director

Image: James Chapman