Green Beret Foundation

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"We enjoy working with the Green Beret Foundation and are proud to help them in supporting the Special Forces community."

- Kent Orms, Director, Gov't Programs, MYSTERY RANCH

The Green Beret Foundation (GBF) serves the U.S. Army’s Special Forces, or Green Berets, as they’re more commonly known, our nation’s most elite soldiers, by connecting them with the resources they need to succeed in the mission ahead. We believe Green Berets are one of our nation’s greatest assets. Every day, we honor our commitment to Green Berets past and present, as well as their families, by connecting them with the right resources to prosper and thrive. When these soldiers – these powerful assets – meet powerful opportunities, our nation’s most elite soldiers become our nation’s best leaders.

GBF was started by Aaron Anderson after he was injured downrange in Afghanistan and saw that there was a gap in support for U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers. The intent was to make sure that the Special Forces community had an organization that could cover down and fill the gaps where it was needed most.

MYSTERY RANCH is proud to say our packs are in the hands of Green Berets. We've had the ability to assist in their successful transition into the civilian workforce after they leave military service by hiring some of our own.

"The Green Beret Foundation stepped up when my friend, SSG Jeremie Border (1st Special Forces Group), was killed in action in 2012. The Foundation helped support his family during their hardest days and has since then made sure to keep a close relationship with them, as it does with all of the Special Forces Gold Star and Surviving Families, so that they continue to feel connected to the community and resources available to them." -Ms. Frances R. Arias, Director of Operations, Green Beret Foundation

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