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Intelligent Equipment: Initial Attack Optimized, NFPA 1977 Certified.

The newest addition to our Fire line is all-inclusive and IA ready. Designed to meet the specific needs of Engine Companies, Helitack Crews, and Overhead, the sleek HOT SPEED drops the hydration reservoir into the lumbar, maximizing ventilation while freeing valuable upper-back real estate for hosepacks, saw packs, and bladder bags. Developed to meet CAL FIRE Spec 1728, and UL® Certified to NFPA 1977-2016.

  • The Fire-specific yoke, featuring our patented Futura system, telescopically adjusts to any torso length and promotes ventilation. The full-length adjuster within the Futura system has a mounted aluminum stay, providing more rigidity. The Fire-specific internal frame consists of a single, vertical, fiberglass rod against an HDPE frame sheet. Together, these create a full-length, stiffened body panel that transfers the weight into the wings of the waist belt. It also features a Redirect waist belt system that secures in a natural, forward pull direction that requires less effort to tighten and with patented features and construction methods, the waist belt cants and conforms over the hips to effectively transfer and distribute the weight eliminating slippage down over the hips. 
  • Zip-access main compartment
  • Includes HYDRAPAK® 3.1L OHY Hydration Reservoir – insulated all-black hose, bite valve hardware, and dust cover
  • Dedicated Hydration Reservoir compartment located in the lumbar
  • Super-discreet storage sleeve keeps three fusees fully-stowed yet ultra-accessible for those rare moments of emergency and urgency
  • Sized and fully adjustable Hotshot Yoke telescopes to fit any torso length 
  • M-Light belt system features re-direct webbing and tensions similar to SCBAs
  • Reflective striping
  • 250 cu-in storage pocket for headlamp, batteries, snacks, and other essential gear
  • Low-profile admin pocket for notebooks, maps, IAPs
  • Double-layered Fire Shelter compartment built with additional reinforcement at key wear points
  • Fire Shelter can be set up for right or left-handed deployment 
  • All body-facing components built with spacer mesh materials for moisture transfer and body heat dispersion
  • HOTSHOT LID compatible for an additional 300 cu-in of storage
  • Built of custom spec’d 500D and 1000D CORDURA® with Teflon® and PU coatings for maximum durability, UV, and weather protection
  • Uretek® coated YKK® #10 Zippers with nickel-plated sliders provide exceptional weather-resistance and durability
  • External seam finished with 6,6 Nylon web for extra durability
  • CAL FIRE PPE Working Group approved to CAL FIRE Spec 1728
  • UL® Certified to NFPA 1977-2016
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DUNS Number:059122783
3.2 lbs
458 cu-in of storage space (250 cu-in primary storage pocket + 200 cu-in hydration pocket designed for 3 L reservoir) – Fire Shelter compartment and fusee sleeve not included in volume
frame system
Hotshot Frame
harnessing style

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4.6 / 5
Based on 8 Reviews

Pack got run over by a dozer and its fine


The pack is well built and very comfortable. I can hike and work all day with it on. Its a bit light on storage, so I bought the Hot Lid, which helps out a lot. A dozer ran the pack over and the bladder didnt even pop. Bladder is great and there is room to shove a gatorade or two into the bladder pocket area.

Your shoulders will thank you


Super well thought out pack design. The expirence in high end military and backpacking packs is appearant. The yoke is customizable to the end users torso length and the waistbelt does a fantastic job of transfering the weight off of your shoulders. Only downside is very limited storage space but it's designed as an IA/Engine crew pack so that's expected. I would highly recommend the Hot Lid if you want to carry anything other then a couple snacks and spare batteries with you though.

Engine/ Crew Sawyer/ Overhead


This pack is noticeably smaller than the Hotshot yet the yoke and frame is just as comfortable. The limited storage is ideal for reducing weight on our personnel and thus reducing overall injuries.
Engine: Ideal for Initial Attack where minimal carry capacity and a smaller profile is ideal for extending hose lays and operating in the WUI. The shelter mounted at the waist to reduce lower sway. It has room for the integrated bladder, small tools, headlamp, batteries, small food stuffs, and an extra layer.
Crew Sawyer: We introduced these packs to our sawyers in an effort to reduce overall weight and load to increase efficiency and safety. The shelter location on the small of the back is ideal for balance when cutting. The reduced depth and width allows our sawyers to move without restriction or added hangup hazard. The storage is just enough for the basics to include a small saw parts and tool kit, food, and tourniquet/ hemostatic agent/ Israeli bandage.

Great pack for Engine Operations


I am an Engjneer for a County Fire Department in Southern California. I have used this pack for about 3 months and am assigned to a Station that has a type 1 engine and we cross staff a type 3 engine. This pack is awesome for initial attack on brush fires. It is comfortable, adjustable, and accommodates wearing a hose pack well.

Pro’s: the mystery ranch harness is very comfortable and they added a pull away from your body system to tighten the waist which is very nice because it makes it easy to adjust the waist while wearing it. The pack holds the shelter tight so that it does not sway and the hydration bladder being at your lower back makes accommodating a hose pack easy. The hydration bladder has a shut off valve at the bite valve which prevents it from leaking as well as a dust Cap. It also has a one way valve where the hose meets the bladder so you can remove and refill the bladder without unthreading the hose.

Cons: storage space is the biggest con. If they had doubled the storage space to 500 cu in. I would have given the pack 5 stars. It barely has enough room to accommodate a headlamp, my face shield, and a few cliff bars. I bought the hot lid to go with it which is nice to use if I need to add anything else for a long day. The other con is that to accommodate fuses you either need to take the end caps off that allow you to attach the fusses together, or you need to find the shorter helitak fusees.

Overall, this pack is amazing and is in my opinion the best back available for Engine operations. It is well worth the money for anybody who does this professsionally.

Awesome pack for Engine Companies!


I work for a County Fire Department in Southern California and have had this pack for 3 months now. I have used Fss, true north, ruffian, and coaxsher. This is my favorite pack so far. This pack is perfect for Engine Companies on initial attack. The pack fits comfortably, is nicely padded, and accommodates a hose pack nicely. Storage space is minimal so I bought the hot lid for days when I will be away from the Engine for a while. If you want to hold fusees in it you need to either take off the connection ends or find the shorter helitak fusees as normal fusees will stick out. The hydrapak hydration bladder that comes with it has some nice features that I wasn’t expecting. It has a twist off shut off valve which is nice because it won’t leak. It also has a one way valve for the bladder bag so you can disconnect the hose from the bladder without it leaking and refill your bag while leaving the hose on your pack. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because of storage space. If the storage space was doubled to 500 cu in. It would get five stars.