SKU: WS17 EX Hot Talk Box Short-Black
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Slick, Strong, Quick-Draw Holster for the New KNG Handheld.

The ultimate litmus test of design and durability here at MYSTERY RANCH is our founder, original designer, and godfather of the modern backpack: Dana Gleason. When he saw an early prototype of this KNG holster, he called it the “Moebius Strip” for the wacky way it was imagined, then built. It’s tricky fitting every essential feature into a very small space! After an odyssey of nearly 2001 prototypes, we nailed it: one-handed no-look access, padded protection, and a button-guard so your mic doesn’t key against your kit. Even Dana appears content with the result.

Designed specifically for the KNG P150 radio (and other models in the same shell).

  • Rigid wrap-guard prevents push-to-talk button on the new KNG from being keyed against other accessories and belt-mount items
  • Structured, rigid, and padded for protection and one-handed, no look removal and replacement
  • Simple securement system keeps radio in holster
  • MOLLE with tuck-tabs accessory attachment system
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  • Built of custom spec’d 500D CORDURA® with Teflon® and PU coatings for maximum durability, UV, and weather protection
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One KNG handheld radio

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This IS the one!


As a BK radio dealer and a firefighter, I have been looking for a good pouch or case for the KNG portable radios, and this IS IT! This case is easy to use, looks good and most importantly, protects the radio. This is the case I will promote to all my customers. So if you need a new BK radio, accessories or radio service, come to us, but if you need a case for your KNG, come to Mystery Ranch!