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Our largest expedition backpack for your biggest adventures

The T-100 is our most gargantuan, expedition backpack. While its legacy lines are identifiable, it incorporates our latest fabrications and design updates. The core features and top-loading design stay true to its Terraplane little brother, yet you’ll find significant advancements in construction and materials – it incorporates our latest material suite, new Astral Frame, five-point lumbar belt system, and fit and sizing. The T-100 represents both our heritage – in a plus size – as well as our latest, Load Carriage™ vision.

  • The Astral Frame is a robust frame that supports large loads. The mainframe is comprised of four vertical, composit stays, dense foam for flexibility and for tortional rigidity. Through patented features and construction methods, the mainframe transfers the weight of the load into the wings which relay the weight and equalizes the contact around and into the belt. The waist belt cants and conforms over the hips to effectively transfer and distribute the weight and eliminate slippage down over the hips.
  • The patented Futura Yoke easily micro adjusts to the torso length allowing the proper amount of stand-off between the back and frame.
  • Top-loading design for easy/secure packing
  • Convertible Daypack Lid feature
  • Side zip for easy access to main bag without unpacking
  • Two, exterior vertical long pockets
  • Water bottle pockets 
  • Tool carry attachment between back, vertical torpedo pockets
  • Cross compression with buckle release for accessing side zips
  • Hydration reservoir compatible
  • Five-point lumbar belt system
  • Built on the NEW Astral Frame
  • 500D Lite Plus CORDURA® fabric
  • YKK® zippers
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DUNS Number:059122783
7.4 lbs
6102 cu-in
frame system
Astral Frame
harnessing style

The results are in
4.3 / 5
Based on 6 Reviews

T-100 Buckles and Quality


Purchased the T-100 from a local dealer in Salt Lake City, UTAH recently. I just returned from an extended stay in the Utah Wilderness and I was incredibly disappointed in the T-100. After paying a premium for this bag ((which although it was made in China, Mystery Ranch guarantees that quality is same as bags manufactured in USA)) I had the main buckle on the waist-belt BREAK!!! For a moment, I just looked at it in stunned silence...I am accustomed to the incredible bags produced by this company when they went under the name of Dana Designs and they (the old bags) have NEVER failed me...straps, buckles, material, zippers, etc still work great (years after the fact), hence the reason for my complete SHOCK and DISMAY when the buckle on this bag broke (ON THE 1st USE!!!). After recovering from the SHOCK I quickly realized how incredibly F*D I was...I was miles and miles away from the truck, with a heavy pack, and 7 more days of backpacking ahead of me. Before you blame me (you had it on wrong, the strap was twisted, pack too heavy, etc) please know that I have backpacked extensively over the course of my life and as I just finished saying I have almost always used the Dana Design bags...I know what I'm was NOT user error. For those of you who backpack I know that I don't need to explain how miserable the next 7 days were without a proper functioning backpack. Suffice it to say that I am making arrangements to return this Piece of S *T bag through the local dealer. If you guys (Mystery Ranch) are going to have your gear made overseas you better make F*G certain that the quality is's no joke when your bag fails on you in the wilderness. Still can't believe I paid over $400 for this piece of junk...let's see if Mystery Ranch has the guts to post this real-life review.

Sincerely yours
one pissed off customer

This pack traveled to the summit of Denali


I bought this pack because I had used a Dana Design in the past that was very similar and in my opinion there isn't another pack you can carry 90 lbs comfortably with. I have no hips so I need to really torque down waist belts when I'm carrying a heavy pack and it's always been uncomfortable. I'm not sure I could ever completely eliminate that discomfort without extra padding but this is the most comfortable pack I've used, carrying the most weight I've ever carried. I was concerned I might bust the waist clip with how tight I had to make it but this pack held up for 28 days on Denali and took a fair amount of punishment. If it can make it through a trip like that, I have no concerns about taking it anywhere else. We had to bushwhack initially and after being constantly whacked with branches it never had any rips. Once on glacier, it was exposed daily to snow, ice and tools, being overstuffed with equipment. The clips, zippers, seams and fabric where all in great condition at the end of the trip. I had no doubts but thanks for making a quality product people can depend on.



In 1992 I purchased my first internal frame backpack from Great Pacific Ironworks in Santa Barbara California. A Dana ArcFlex Terraplane. The first trip I took it on was a train to Prescott AZ, where it moved me and all my belongings to college. First backpacking trip was soon after. 21 days in the Mazatzal wilderness. 70 pounds starting weight (on the back of a 22 year old kid) and the pack was amazing. I carried that pack for years through the National Forests of Oregon and California, finally loaning it to a friend in 1998... for it to show back up in my life in 2015. Well worn from my adventures and many others.

Now that I am in my late 40's with some extra weight that original Terraplane no longer fits my structure. So I looked online and found that Mystery Ranch had re-issued the Terraplane. Knowing that I had always regretted not purchasing an AstralPlane I waited on purchasing the new Terraplane. Last week I saw the T 100 had been built. Exactly the platform I have been looking for.

I received my pack a few days ago, fit and finish are exactly what I expected from a Dana Gleason product. I loaded it with a winter gear load, 6 days of food, gallon of water, water filter, etc etc etc. It carries the load just like I would expect from a Dana Gleason product. No longer being in the military I am not concerned with being Berry Compliant.

This pack is everything Mystery Ranch says it is, and more. 20+ years of additional design, build and materials experience shine through in this well built backpack. 5 Stars.

I wish I needed to buy the T100


I bought my Astraplane in 1994 and have used it on expeditions to day trips in the great northwest. The pack is still going strong. The only ware is in the straps but does not inhibit functionality. Anyway my next pack will be a Mystery Ranch because they are dependable and very well made!! Great job and great packs.

Great Pack


Mystery Ranch T-100
Pro’s and Con’s
First, let me say that this is one great comfortable well built pack. The way this thing rides on my back is like no other. (I own a Kelty Red Cloud, Osprey Atmos and a couple smaller packs) The craftsmanship of this pack is way above the others and carry’s loads of 40 – 60 lbs very easily. It will carry more but that’s all I have put in it so far.
Now, for a few minor con’s but important ones to me anyway. This pack does not have the little clip attachment inside the lid for attaching a small wallet and or keys. To me this is a very necessary little piece of the equipment. I hate carrying keys and wallet in my pockets. I love and have come to depend on this little piece in my other packs for always knowing where my keys, ID and some cash are. Now with the T-100 I fear having to fish around for where I put these items or worse, them falling out unknowingly on the trail somewhere when I opened the lid for a compass, map, wipe or other little items I tend to keep in the lid close at hand. Next is the hydration issue. I found the two slots on either side at the top to run the hose out but there is no pocket on the inside of the bag to insert a hydration bag next to the frame side. This pack is so massive; the hydration bag gets mashed in with all the other gear and if hiking long distances before unloading the pack, make it difficult to remove the hydration bladder to refill. Plus, it slides to the very bottom of the pack and puts a strain on the hose. The Hydration bag is supposed to go in one of the lid compartments and feed the hose from there. I don’t like this as it takes up lid space I use for other items. Last is the lack of those small pockets in the belt that I use to keep a small camera, some bug spray, sunscreen or sometimes a few meds that make it super easy to get to on the trail while walking. These may seem minor and I guess they are but Dana and crew could have added these (at least the 1st 2) with little to no extra cost and weight to the pack.
I really love this pack and can see it lasting longer than I can continue hiking and camping. Just wish the few little details mentioned above would have been added. Especially the little clip for the wallet and keys… Rick