Casey Anderson

MYSTERY RANCH Brand Ambassador


East Helena, MT


Paradise Valley, MT


Filmmaker, Naturalist, Adventurer, TV Host

As a shy Helena kid, I preferred tracking wildlife with a camera to being in front of one. I only worked up the guts to star in my own shoots because, well, no one believed my animal encounter stories (except my dad, who used to jailbreak me out of school to track wildlife). Ask him about the time I got us both treed by grizzlies...

"There is no degree for wandering the wild. For me, a long leash to explore Montana was my wilderness prep school. Most of my days start with a plan, but first things first: coffee. On my porch. Good morning, Paradise Valley, Montana."

Notice some ravens swooping in the distance. Set down coffee. Grab binoculars. Blackbirds can lead to bears. And these birds are definitely onto something. Forget coffee (oops). Forget plan. Round up crew. Throw cameras, film equipment and sleepy cameramen in my aging Toyota. Gun it towards those birds...and hopefully, bears. Hike. Track. Tiptoe. Film like crazy. Then stay up waaaay too late making everyone watch the footage (hello, cold coffee).

The next day could mean muskrats. Mountain lions. Mozambique. Or maybe the wilds of my email inbox, if Deny, the CEO of my film company, has any say.

Day off? Nah. The wilderness doesn’t take one.


  • Co-founded Montana Grizzly Encounter
  • 2010 Panda award for "Best Presenter"
  • 2013 and 2014 "Parent’s Choice Award" from ABC


  • Montana Grizzly Encounter, a sanctuary for grizzly bears saved from inhumane situations.

What Mystery Ranch Packs do you Run?

  • Longbow, Metcalf, Marshall, Crew Cab

Other Sponsors:

  • Schnee’s boots, ARB, Reconyx, Filson, FLIR, VITEC, Sachtler, O’conner, Lite Panels, Small HD

Favorite Quote:

"Always do what you are afraid to do." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Additional Credits:

  • ATI's "Safari" - Animal trainer/consultant - 10 Episodes
  • InHD's "Untamed" - producer/consultant - 8 1 hr Episodes
  • VH1's "Legend Hunters" - Animal Expert - 1 Episode
  • Nat Geo - Unlikely Animal Friends: Man's Other Best Friend - Bear Expert - 1 Episode
  • Nat Geo/Cesar Milan's "Dog Whisperer" - Guest appearance/Animal Expert - 1 Episode
  • Nat Geo WILD/ABC/CW - Expedition Wild - Executive Producer/Host/Animal Expert - 52 Episodes
  • Nat Geo WILD - America The Wild - Executive Producer/Host/Animal Expert
  • Discovery - "Dude You're Screwed" - Animal Expert/Survivalist - 2 Episodes
  • Travel Channel - "America the Beautiful: Yellowstone" – Expert/Naturalist - 1 Episode
  • Animal Planet - Carin Bondar's (yet to be aired) show on Interspecies relationships - Guest appearance/Bear expert - 1 Episode
  • Xbox Kinect Nat Geo TV - America the Wild - Host/Expert (Interactive video game)

Images: Shot for Filson, © 2017 C.C. Filson Co