KC Eusebio

MYSTERY RANCH Brand Ambassador


Los Angeles, California


Cumming, Georgia


Professional Shooter/ Instructor

My name is KC Eusebio. I'm 32 years old and I've been shooting competitively since the age of 8.

"I'm a loyal supporter and ambassador of SOC-F. I help connect the organization with current special forces members, donors, and vendors. As a veteran, I do whatever I can to help the SOF community."


  • Youngest USPSA Master at the age of 10
  • Youngest USPSA Grandmaster at the age of 12
  • Youngest World Speed Shooting Champion at the age of 15
  • 6 time World Speed Shooting Champion
  • 6 time National Speed Shooting Champion
  • 3 European Speed Shooting Champion
  • 2 Time Australasian
  • Shooting Champion USPSA National Champion


What Mystery Ranch Packs do you Run?

  • I have used the RATS and Rip Ruck packs for competition, hunting, and travel. By far the best packs to use any mission. My favorite at the moment is the Rip Ruck. It's extremely practical and can fit for any of my needs.

Other Sponsors:

  • ZEV Technologies
  • Bushnell
  • Volquartsen Firearms
  • Howard Leight
  • MultiCam
  • Meta Group
  • SDI School
  • Limcat
  • Pendleton Safes
  • Alpha Elite Performance

Favorite Quote:

"Talent is a gift, Character is a choice."